Sunday, 9 January 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =


Yay it's my birthday soon - on 19th January to be exact. I'm super excited because I'm going to have a lovely party with my loved ones. I've bought my outfit and I've designed the cake - now it's time to sort out the decorations! I'm going to be 21 years old - it seems like such a lovely age. 

One of my other New Year's Resolution is to experiment more with my hair. I always have it straight or naturally curly (more like naturally frizzy to be honest). I would love to have glamorous waves like Kim K for my party. I need to practice with my curling tongs :) Sriya's post has also given me some inspiration.

I don't know why but recently I've been obsessed about blusher . I love wearing new shades everyday and looking for potential blushes to add to my makeup collection. I'm currently stalking Mac Melba, Nars Torrid, Nars Orgasm and Benefit Coralista.

I've recently been doing lots of ab workouts, along with some cardio. I love the 10 minute solution: Blast of Belly Fat. I'm actually noticing a definition - as my stomach is a major trouble area. The workout is really tough but definitely delivers. 

I'm going to Egypt and Morocco this year and I'm super duper excited. The thought of even going on holiday makes me really happy. It also makes me even more motivated to workout! I went to Egypt last year and I loved it - definitely the best country I've been to so far. If I could recommend any destination, it would be Egypt (mainly Sharm-El-Sheikh!)

I've been keeping an accounts diary. This has really helped me spend a lot less money. My new motto when going shopping is 'can I live without it?' Obviously I do treat myself sometimes,but saving money just makes me feel a whole lot better. 

                      I've cut down on the number of tablets I've been taking. I used to take skin, hair and nail tablets 3 times a day, cod Liver oil and iron tablets. I only take 1 iron tablet now and one SHN. I've noticed that my skin has improved drastically - the cod liver oil tablet was making my skin really oily and in my opinion that was the reason why it was quite spotty. I'm definitely eating much more healthily now - eating a handful of raw nuts everyday along with lots of fresh fruit and veg. I always feel 'alive' after eating them. :)

I've been wearing less makeup to uni. Nowadays I just wear powder foundation, under eye concealer, mascara, blush and lipstick. That is a massive change for me. I save lots of time in the morning, which allows me to wake up later woohoo!

I've been wearing a bit too much bronzer lately - and my skin has gone paler too which means I need to buy a light shade. It's making my face look muddy lol! I watched Lisa Eldridge's videos today and I have decided to take a different approach to bronzer and contouring. I'm going to be more subtle and use a lighter hand.

What are your In's and Outs?

Love from Roshas


  1. love this post.
    my 'in' is being more experimental with clothing
    my 'out' is selling my boring clothes on ebay!


  2. I love your ins and outs. :)

    I need to start working out. I'm on the Dukan diet which is quite exhausting. Now I'm starting to think it's not worth it when all I want is to drop a dress size. Meh.

    Ahh, can't believe you're a young 'un! Hope you party like it's 1999!

    By the way, you should deffo check out Topshop's Neon Rose blusher. It's a creme blush but has a powder finish. Lovely coral flush.

    Ins - My hair. Ever since I started cutting my own hair, it looks a lot thicker, and it's more volumised. Wahoo!

    Out - Dieting. For obvious reasons!


  3. I love Egypt too (Sharm is SOO pretty!) I went in '09 but deffo would go again!

    Kaushal xx

  4. @Rebecca- im liking your ins and outs! I wish I knew how to sell stuff on Ebay - it sounds difficult lol!

    @DesignerSpray- don't do diets - they dont work. u end up putting on weight due to starvation. It's all about moderation :) I'll definitely check out the topshop blush xx

    @Kaushal - I just can't wait to go there - the people are so friendly and theres lots to do <3 xx

  5. Wow Egypt AND Morocco! You lucky lucky thing! Never been to Egypt, have always wanted to, so look forward to hearing about it :) Loved Morocco, the souks are fantastic plus such wonderful culture, history & architecture. You should deffo pick up some Argan Oil when your there! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  6. Ooh lucky you! I'd kill for a holiday right now! Also my little brothers birthday is on the same day as you!

    In - Heated Rollers, my pandora bracelet, and liquid liner with a tiny 50's flick
    Out - Straight hair for me and coursework (the bain of my life)

    :) xxx

  7. I can't wait to see the pics from your birthday! :D I'm glad my post inspired you :D You should defo try it on your hair.. Will look fab on you!
    I'm so with you on the blusher thing.. I bought a Nars blush the other day! & also you got me into making an accounts diary so thanks.. I've been really disciplined so far :D Love this post Roshni :) xx

  8. I deffo agree with taking it easy with the bronzer! xx

  9. its my birthday on the 13th! im super excited too, going away to europe with hubby for 4 days.;0)

  10. That cake looks gorgeous, I want to eat it! I so agree with taking like a million tablets, I was taking so many supplements but once I cut them out to just Iron, evening primrose oil & B6 I saw a huge difference. Cod Liver oil is :-s
    Ins - Get healthier.
    Out - Getting stressed out about things out of my control!

    Hope you have an amazing birthday!

  11. @Aysh - thank you for the tips about Morocco! I've tried a product with argan oil and it helped my skin a lot! Egypt is beautiful - the pyramids, the people, the history ... seriously you should check it out!

    @Aneka - lots of people share my birthday lol!
    I'm loving your in's and outs - i love flicked eyeliner and hate coursework (who actually likes it? I prefer exams lol )

    @Sriya - thank you =D You're sooo sweet! Which Nars blush did you try? Please do a review! I seriously can't wait to go to Nars and try on different blushes!

    @Neeli - hi5* I've been looking too orange lately lol

    @Sabina - hi5 fellow capricorn* happy birthday for the 13th just in case I don't write it then! Oh you're soo lucky, whereabouts are you going? have a fab time =D =D =D

    @Shameera - omg the cake looks amazing ! i wonder how they made it? You'd think supplements would make you look better and not cause adverse reactions?atleast i realised in time! thank you btw xx

  12. hmm accounts diary that sounds very useful. I want to start making one. Any tips on how to get one startes?

  13. I got a bronzer/blush duo in Orgasm and Laguna!
    P+p was like £6.. So expensive!!
    I will defo do a review my lovely :) xxx

  14. Roshni, I saw you just got one but you just won another award! :)

  15. oh your 21st! im sure it will be a good one xo

  16. @naynayluv - I used Microsoft Excel.. I've got different columns.. one for travel, one for food, one for fashion and beauty( basically clothes and makeup), toileties, gifts.. and then list what i've bought and how much it cost.. i make separate ones for different months! hope this helps

    @Sriya - OMG i want those colours too! can't wait for your review yay!

    @Primp and giggle - aww ur soo sweet! thank you soo much!!!

    @Andee Layne - aww thank you :) I would love to go to Las Vegas to celebrate it!

    @Bettzy - awww thank you for such a lovely comment <3 xxx

  17. Yeeey I'm going Eygpt too!! Can't wait as this is my first time - you'll have to tweet me the best places to go there :-)
    And I need a quick fix for my tummy too (prep for Eygpt!)


  18. woww that cake looks so yum!!
    obviously im gonna say torrid and orgasm are amazing buy them - but seriously - buy them lol!
    i also have coralista - it is ALSO amazing i really need to use it more...
    for bronzer - buy laguna!!!! its so much less 'harsh' than hoola and is perfect if you want to do the all-over bronzey look

    so i took inspiration from u and am making an accounts diary...and for the first time in my life i did some maths (which took me ages to figure out lol) and im now on a weekly budget - i feel so much more in control of my life!

    haha sameeee i cant be bothered to slap on makeup for uni anymoreee - i just do powder, blush, concealer, maybe eyeliner and something on my lips to make them look more alive - REALLY big cut down for me too haha!

    thanks for ur sweet comments on my posts :)
    also OMG I KNEW IT!! i asked somebody else if my posts were showing up on their reading list thingy and they said no!!! its so annoying/upseting :(
    u know under settings, and then site feed, and then that bit that says 'post feed redirect url' - do u have anything in that box?

    sorry for the essay!! i really should be doing my real essay now..:( xxxx

  19. omg that actually is an essay - woops!

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  21. @Sami - yay might see you there hahah i'll tweet you :) xx

    @Emma - I'm going to buy a Nars blush after my party incase it breaks me out :( Hoola is getting a bit dull for my skin.. I think Laguna may be perfect! I would love to get Laguna and Orgasm blush duo! btw on that 'post feed redirect url' i have

    good luck with your essay.. i hate them arghh!

  22. All these pics are really cute!
    That cake looks so good!

  23. I feel ya on the bronzer. I am definitely too pale now to be wearing the shade I've got. I'm interested to hear what new contouring techniques you'll be trying!

  24. Love this post...and I'm SO on the same 'get a bronzer' page as well. And i subscribe to Lisa's tutorials on YouTube too....genius!! Loved her since her 10years younger days :)


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