Monday, 3 January 2011

Lil Miss Proud: Stylish Blogger Award :)

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a fab bank holiday weekend :) The gorgeous and lovely  Brittany gave me a 'Stylish Blogger' award! Thank you so much for the award, you're so sweet Brittany :) xx

Here is how this award works:
  • Thank and list the person who gave you the award.
  • Name 7 things about yourself.
  •  Make a list of 7 blogs that you will give this award to.                                                    

1. I think I'm a little bit psychic.  Sometimes when I randomly think about someone, they seem to pop up in my life. One time I was thinking about a guy who I hadn't seen in 2 years, and I found out he passed away on the day I thought about him! So weird. Sometimes when I warn people about something, and they don't follow my advise.. something bad happens. I warned my friend to take care of her bag because there were a lot of pickpockets in the area, my friend didn't listen and something went missing. Maybe it's my gut instinct? I don't know!

2. I believe in sex after marriage. I don't know if this is a cultural thing but I've always felt strong about it :)

3. A lot of people don't know what race I am. I get told I look mixed race, Malaysian, Pakistani, Bengali, Turkish, Mexican, Colombian, Egyptian, and Portuguese. I am actually Indian.. most Asian people can tell but other's can't! I think it's pretty cool - I feel like a lot of people can relate to me!

4. I also have many doppelgangers. When I'm at work, customers always tell me that they've seen someone who looks exactly like me. Random people always smile at me on the streets, and sometimes people come up to me and ask me where they've seen me (and no, not guys.. mostly females!) I hope my doppelgangers are nice people - I don't want anyone to dislike me before even talking to me lol!

5. My part time job is in a bank as a customer service adviser. Basically I'm a cashier. I love it. I get to speak to random people and I've learnt lots about banking.. especially saving!

6. I'm a vegetarian - I've been so since I was born. I have accidentally tried chicken, turkey and lamb - all of which I found disgusting (I'm not used to the taste). I am Hindu, and we believe in non- violence.. hence being vegetarian. I do eat eggs though..oops.

7. I have two different personalities. When I am with my friends, family or anyone I feel comfortable with, I'm really hyper and a lot of people have likened my personality to Stacey Solomon (obviously not as Essex-sy or a bimbo-ey).. when I'm with others I'm as quiet as a mouse.

7 dolls I'm going to give this award to:

3. Kaushal at Beauty fulfilled.
4. Sami at Glam Sam.
5.Halima at Designer Spray
6. Sabina at Makeup addict.
7. Shifa at Get Gawjus

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  1. Thanks for the award! :-)
    I'm quite shy with people I don't know too... but with my close friends and family I'm mad!! hehe x

  2. I absolutely love this post!! :D I love number 1 & bubbly people are totally the best hehe!
    Eeeeeks & thanks so much for passing on the award to us!! :D

    Kaushal xx

  3. Awww thanks for the award Rosh! This is such a cute post! I defo thought you looked mixed race when I first found your blog! xxx

  4. awwww thanks for this hun! Would love to do it :) Hi 5 for being a vegetarian. Im a veggie too :D I have to say I have to agree with pretty much everything you said above. We're so similar! :)

  5. @Sami - you're welcome :)
    @Kaushal - aww thank you and you're welcome :)hehe xx

    @Sriya - you're welcome - u deserve it! You also look mixed race!

    @Shifa - hi5!! So weird how we're both so similar ! :) Atleast you understand me xxx

  6. Congrats on the award. I loved meeting your blog with this post because it really gave me some insight into who you are. I think you're definitely psychic and people should totally listen to you.

    <3, New Follower

  7. aww Tanya thank you so much for such a lovely comment :) I would love to be fully psycic - obviously don't want to see ghosts though ;p xx

  8. awww thank you Roshniiii!!! And congrats on the awards you got - definitely well deserved! xx

  9. oh and also i agree with you COMPLETELY on no sex before marriage!! And if he doesnt want to wait then goodBYE and good riddance is my policy! lol x


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