Sunday, 16 January 2011

Lil Miss Technologic: Health and Beauty Iphone Apps :$

Hello my lovely cupcakes,

I'm going to do a bit of an original post today. It's going to be regarding the different health and beauty iPhone apps that I use on a day to day basis. For those who know me in 'real life' I am obsessed about the iPhone. I love apps and I love showing cools apps to people. I know it sounds kinda sad but  I adore it hehe.

Streaks (£1.19)
This is one of my favourite apps. ''Streaks is a simple tool for tracking the consecutive days it takes to reach a certain goal. For each day that you accomplish your task, you mark it on the Streaks calendar. Miss a single day and the streak starts over''. This app is such a great visual way to motivate yourself. I use it for working out! I've set it so I have to work it out every other day or the streak will start over. It definitely makes me want to work out more! The above picture is my September Streak calendar. You can use it for pretty much anything! LOVE IT. 
Health Tips app (Free)
 This app has over 1000 health tips. I read it when I'm bored on the tube and it's pretty helpful!

Paul Mckenna ''I can make you thin'' (£5.99)
 If you've read my previous posts, you'll probably know that I am obsessed about Paul Mckenna. He is a legend - he made me lose weight, simple :) Even though I've got the book and the CD I decided to purchase the app so I can listen to the weight loss CD on my phone and to read the rules when I'm in need of motivation. There is also a journal to keep track of your progress, video techniques, and a panic button (for those who need a burst of motivation).

Track it (Period Calendar 59p)
 I was actually quite embarassed to discuss this app but I thought 'sod it', most of the people who read my blog are females anyway! lol. This is really a period tracker. You just enter when you start your period and then when you finish it. It also tells you when you're ovulating (not that I care about that but when I'm ovulating I've noticed my skin looks better lol). It's also great for warning others for when I'm going to be on PMS haha!

Beauty tips (free)
This is just an array of beauty tips in one app. I love to read this when I'm bored and it has some pretty useful tips - even though some of them are basic. The app is free so I'm not really complaining.
You don't need to have an iphone to purchase these apps, you can use an ipod touch. HTC touch also has some cool apps - not sure if it has the ones above though.

I may do related posts on iphone apps for other everyday things such as organisation, entertainment and food. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this technology-beauty related post :)

Love from Roshas xxx


  1. Check out the Shapeup app, I love that as you can put in your goal weight and when you want to do it by, and it'll tell you how many cals you need to eat. Then you enter your intake and it calculates the calories for the day. It's my fave :)

  2. This is the main reason I wanted an iphone! But I ended up getting a BlackBerry! Such cool apps.. I might download them on the itouch ;-) xx

  3. @Shameera - that's sounds like a good app - i'll check it out! I don't like calorie counting though - im too lazy! lol

    @Sriya - Yeah definitely download them on the itouch! None of them require internet either so you don't need wifi woo!

    @Ellysmakeupbag - you can always try an ipod touch for a cheaper alternative xx

  4. Wheat germ.......doesnt sound bad...;) time when im in the grocerystores i will buy it. Do u use wheat germs? Does it makes ur skin better?

    and same here i wish i had a iphone:(:( too bad my subscription is till january next year:(

  5. Ahhh, iPhone buddy!! Love this post :D

    Kaushal xx

  6. :( I have an android. GAH! This was such a fun post though.

  7. Oooo I want an iPhone now :-(
    There's a marie claire beauty app that's meant to be good - maybe check that one out?! Tried to get the boyf to download it on his but he wasn't having any of it lol xx

  8. HMM. I like the wheat germ advice. :) I had a period calendar and a BMI calendar installed on my phone. I think it was a Motorola.

    These are such handy applications. Do you play Angry Birds!? hihihi...

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  10. Iphone apps health and beauty tips is very helpful..thanks great one.


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