Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lil Miss Greedy: What I want from Dorothy Perkins!

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a fab weekend! I went to Dorothy Perkins yesterday and was pleased to find that it was full of lots of lovely garmets! I feel like Dorothy Perkins is extremely underrated! DP has lovely clothes with decent price tags! The clothing is a little bit more mature as opposed to TopShop and Miss Selfridge - but I persoanally prefer that :)

Here is what I'm loving from DP:

Do you like Dorothy Perkins?


  1. The second dress looks perfect for summer. I've started to like DP more and more recently, they've got some really good stuff in xx

  2. Yeah loving the dresses - they are a lot like FCUK dresses! I love their jewellry line too xx

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  4. I never really go into Dorothy Perkins that much but I love those dresses! They look gorgeous!

  5. the first three dresses are stunning!! i love them x x

  6. @Rach - thank you! I will check it out!
    @DaintyMakeup - I was shocked to see them there!
    @Alisha - gorgeous! Although it may be too warm to wear them this summer ;( lol x

  7. I love this brown pants!!


  8. I might have to hunt down the peachy-pinky dress, it looks perfect for spring! xx


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