Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lil Miss Royalty: Batiste Brit Dry Shampoo review! #

Hi guys! Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday evening!

Is anyone excited about the Royal Wedding? To be honest, I'm not too bothered about it - I'm going to spend tomorrow studying, working out and organising my bedroom..and I may watch a few clips of the wedding on YouTube!  (I wonder what Kate will wear?)

Anyway, Batiste very kindly sent me their new dry shampoo! If you're not familiar with dry shampoo then you're missing out! Dry shampoo helps revitalise your hair between washes. I've been using Batiste Dry Shampoos since I was 17! It is a LIFE-SAVER - especially as my hair gets greasy very quickly!

Where can you buy it from?

How much does it cost?
£2.19 (Superdrug)

How long does it last for?
It depends on how much you use, and how many times a week you use it! Mine typically lasts for about 2 months.

What does the 'Brit' one smell like?
The Brit dry shampoo has a pleasant 'fresh' smell. I can barely smell it once it's on my hair though!

How do you use it?
The major problem with dry shampoo is the white cast it leaves on my hair. I know that Batiste do coloured dry shampoos so you can check them out if you have darker hair. As my hair is black, it does tend to leave an obvious white mark, therefore I use spray it (30cm away) onto my hair before bed. When I wake up..there usually is a little bit of white residue left, which I brush out. The reason I use it as night time is because it absorbs much better! I tend to use it every other day (and the day after I've used it, I wash my hair with real shampoo lol)

Any other advantages?
I used to wash my hair every other day, now I wash it every 3 days. Washing it less has made it stronger (as I'm using less heat!). Also, dry shampoo gives me volume too! The fact that it is so cheap and available at many stores and there's plenty of different types is also a bonus.

Any disadvantages?
The white cast - however if you brush it out, it will disappear!

Also, you can win your very own Crown Jewels, worth £1000 (in Love to Shop vouchers which can be used on the high street including all leading jewellers). Simply hot foot to Superdrug or visit
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 What are you going to be doing tomorrow?
Any anyone tried Batiste dry shampoos?


  1. i haven't heard about this brand before. I haven't tried any dry shampoo's but it sounds really interesting :)

    Xoxo Christine

  2. blogwalking and thus by dropping for you here:)

    Cool Blogs

  3. I love dry shampoo! I never tried Batiste Brit until it was sent to me but I love it now :D xx

  4. @Christine - it is definitely a life saver!
    @Vijay.. thanks?
    @Sriya - yeah it's smells nice and fresh! :) xx


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