Sunday, 1 May 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =

Hi guys! Hope you guys are enjoying your ultra long weekend!! :)
Anyway, here are my In's and Outs for April!

Pretty Little Liars. I'm hooked to this show. I only started watching it yesterday and I'm loving it! It's super girly.. and super mysterious! If you love Gossip Girl, I'm sure you will LOVE this.

Zante! My friends and I decided to go to Zante instead of Egypt (not sure if it's safe to go to Egypt?). I can't wait! I know for sure we're going to go clubbing every night! Thinking about Zante has given me the motivation to work out!

Speaking of exercise.. I worked out 5 days in a row this week.. something I've NEVER done before. My aim is to work out six days a week.. it's essential to have a rest day. Currently I'm switching between Jillian Michael's DVDs along with some ab and pilates workouts by Suzanne Bowen. I know I have exams coming up.. but exercising makes me want to work harder; It also makes me feel in control. 

Maxi Dresses. As I'm going on holiday this year - I would love to buy a few Maxi dresses! I don't own one at the moment but I'd LOVE to wear one ! I adore this photo - now to find an exact replica....
Action movies/ Thrillers. I was never a big fan of action movies until I watched Inception and Law Abiding Citizen. They are definitely must see movies!!!

Wheatgerm - I'm loving adding wheatgerm to my smoothies! My nails are growing - and they are WAY stronger! I need that extra protein in my diet due to my workout routine. Here is my post on wheatgerm, just in case you're wondering. 

Royal Wedding - although I wasn't interested initially .. I was taken aback whilst watching it! Kate looked out of this world! I loved her dress,  hair and makeup! I'm so glad I tuned in.. it is history in the making!

My skin. My skin has gone worse this month :( The more I stress about it, the worse it gets. I'm trying to cut down on the number of products.. and also cut down on caffeine. Argh! All I can say it.. thank god for makeup LOL!

Nude Lipsticks: this time last year, I was wearing Nude lippies such as 'Mac Peachstock' and 'Mac Cherish'. However, I think that nude colours wash me out! Throughout April I was wearing a lot of corals and pinks! I might try and experiment more with lip colours this month - I have too many lipsticks... and they NEED to be used up lol.
Biscuits. I've been eating far too many biscuits this month. My aim is to cut down on the devastatingly tasty sugary snacks - it's not doing much for insides is it? I do get hungry REALLY quickly.. so I'm trying to find foods that will fill me up...

Last month's aims. Did I stick to them?
1) Work out every other day - I worked out everyday in the last week.
2) Try a new smoothie recipe - FAIL lol.
3) Keep room super organised - I've kept my makeup box organised. That's it. lol
4) Set work/ uni bag the night before - FAIL.

Aims for May:
1) Do some YouTube workouts.
2)Cut down on blogging during the week, due to exams (That includes reading blogs :( )
3) Don't experiment with anymore skincare products.

What are your Ins and Outs?


  1. I love pretty little liars! I have watched all the episodes though so waiting for more :( I am also having a very bad face week! Ugh hopefully it will get better

  2. @Carlinn - It's such a great show! I love the girls' hair and makeup! GORGEOUS!! I'm only on episode 6.. my sister has nearly finished watching it.. and she started yesterday too! lol

  3. I love your ins & outs posts :)

    oooooh zante? You lucky biatch! :P Yeah, don't think Egypt is safe atm, shame really 'cause it's such an amazing country with lots of history, rich with culture and the people are really nice!

    You really get me motivated to work out. I'm actually getting a bike t'moro which shall help keep me fit :D

  4. @Halima - Yeah I went to Egypt last year and I loved it! So glad I went last year! Can't wait for Zante - the photos look amazing! Aww thank you! Glad to see I motivate you xx

  5. Egypt is definitely not safe! I wanted to go there this year :(
    I need to go maxi dress shopping too! I want new ones for the summer! :D
    Love this post xx

  6. @Sriya - I know some people are going.. it's going to be deserted anyway! I'm going to Morocco too - I'm super scared now though!

    We'll go maxi dress shopping after exams :D xxx

  7. awww! don't stress about exams hun! am sure you'll do well. you always sound so motivated and sorted out :)

    and working out 5 days a week :O You're gna look like kate in no time hehe.


  8. Love this post! So interesting to read :) x

  9. Me too! I was watching Pretty Little Liars all day yesterday on MTV. Love it!


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