Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lil Miss Protected: Carmex SPF lip balm review *

Hi guys! I'm super sorry about the lack of posts - exams are looming and I've had to cut down on blogging! I can't wait until they're over though!

Anyway, as the weather has been lovely the past month, I've decided to up my skin care regime by adding SPF products. I'm still looking for the perfect SPF face cream, but as I have sensitive skin I'm actually quite reluctant to try one out.

I'm using heat protection spray on my hair even when it's not styled to protect it from the sun, and I'm also wearing suncream on my body. Furthermore, I'm going to wear sunglasses too from now on!

Another thing I've been doing is using lip balm with SPF in it. Carmex sent me some lip balms with SPF in them recently. I totally didn't realise that our lip needed protecting too - I guess it's just one of those things! 

Carmex sent me two lipbalms! One in Strawberry flavour, and the other in Mint! They also sell a Cherry flavoured one.

How do I use them?
  • I always apply lip balms atleast 10 minutes before I apply lipstick - that way it absorbs in your lips.
  • SPF - therefore it will protect your lips!
  • Great packaging - I'm glad it's not like the other Carmex lip balms where you have to dig your fingers in! Tubes are great to prevent germs from entering your mouth! 
  • Delicious scent.
  • Makes my lips super smooth - making it a perfect base for lipstick!
  • A lot of stores sell Carmex - it's a cult product!
  • Sometimes too much  product comes out, but I think it's me (I can be quite forceful with products lol).
You can purchase Carmex lipbalms from most drugstores: Boots (retails for £2.69), Superdrug (retailes for £2.54) etc. etc.

For more information on Carmex products click here. 

What do you do to protect yourself from the Sun?


  1. ooh I LOVE carmex only ever had cherry maybe i need to go wild and try strawberry for a change though LOL x

  2. I love Carmex lip balm, I've never tried the mint and really want to! This saved my lips when I went to Snowbombing Festival last year! x

  3. They look awesome, I usually just use the regular carmex.

  4. I am inlove with carmex! and I didnt even know they sold it in mint. Or maybe they just dont sell it in the US.

    you're blog is so cute. I just found it. definitely following

  5. Carmex is the only lip balm I buy over and over again and I think I'm probably one of the few people who prefer it in a tub. I hated the cherry version but I'd like to try the mint one. Do you prefer it over the strawberry? xx

  6. I have always loved Carmex! It works best :)


  7. I have only ever tried carmex out once i think i need to try it out properly!

  8. @Victoria Gabriella - I love the strawberry one! Highly recommend it!

    @Jasmin - it's so important and I agree it does make a massive difference :)

    @Lindie Lee - i have that too but I hate digging my fingers in! Tubes are way better :)

    @Francesa - I hope they do :)

    @Tass - I prefer the strawberry one - I generally like sweeter smells! The mint one is very invigorating though!

    @Shifa - I agree :) So much better than vaseline!

    @Ninadollmakeup - you definitely need to check it out ;) XX

  9. I have an allergic reaction to Carmex! :( Never heard of anyone who's allergic to carmex!
    Love your blog, I'm following xD

  10. I have these too, but haven't tried them yet! :)

  11. i love carmex. i have the regular one i had no idea they had different flavours!

  12. so they do make other flavors then?? i ve been using this plain one forever! its time for an upgrade!

  13. @Beauty by Rosh - aw that's a shame :(
    thank you :):)

    @Livia - you should! Loving the mint one now :)

    @Donna - I prefer the flavoured ones! check them out :)

    @Rinz - definitely! :) xx

  14. I love your blog ! ♥


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