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Lil Miss Flexible: 10 minute solution Pilates perfect body DVD review *

Hi guys! 

I'm going to review a workout DVD called 'Pilates Perfect Body' by Suzanne Bowen (a personal trainer in America). Pilates is a body conditioning routine that helps to not only build flexibility, but also strength, endurance, and coordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back. Since I've been doing Pilates, I have noticed a massive difference in my body! As long as you total it up with cardio, you will notice great results. I've noticed that my posture has improved, as well as the shape of my body. Rumour has it, Pippa Middleton does Pilates to stay trim!!

This DVD has 5 exercise segments which are 10 minutes long!

'No time to exercise? We have the solution for you the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we've developed 5 innovative workouts that are just 10 minutes each. Because many of the traits associated with the perfect Pilates body are dancer s traits, these programmes focus on Pilates and give you an added bonus: some subtle elements of dance training for graceful elegance. The quick workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules. Split them into 5 separate routines or do them all together for one incredible Pilates Perfect Body workout!''

 I'm going to quickly summarise each workout.
  • Pilates Perfect Arms -'Use light hand weights and your own body weight to beautiful sculpt your arms while also working your shoulders, upper back and chest'- unfortunately, I've only done this once. The reason being is because I have 3lb weights, and I felt that I could not complete the exercises. I'm going to buy a set of 2lb weights for this workout.
  • Pilates Perfect Belly - 'Whittle your waist and flatten your tummy while you strengthen your entire core with innovative twists on traditional Pilates moves 'I love this workout! It is super tough - with all the twists and the turns. I would not recommend to start with this workout if you are a beginner purely because it's very challenging.
  • Pilates Perfect Buns and Thighs - 'This modern take on classic mat Pilates will give you a perfectly toned and lifted lower body' - Wow this works my legs hard. After doing this, I usually cannot walk properly the next day. It is worth it though! I've noticed a slight definition since doing this ;)
  • Pilates Perfect Silhouette - 'Compound Pilates exercises will effectively tighten and tone all the right places, sculpting sexy curves when you want them and creating a gorgeous body line' - I love this workout. I tend to do it when I want an easy going workout. It's great for your posture and really helps improve your balance.
  • Pilates Perfect Stretch- 'Using fluid motion, this stretch will make your everyday movements look more effortless and improve your posture, which is a key part of the Pilates Perfect Body' -  when I work out, I tend to use weights or do a lot of cardio. This can make my muscles feel very sore. This Pilates perfect stretch workout helps me to cool down after the work out. People don't realise the importance of stretching - not only does it help prevent injury but it gives you definition!
Method: I try to use this as a supplement to other workout DVDs. Remember, you can't tone up without cardio first!
Has it made a difference to your body? -Yes, I've noticed a change in posture. What's more, my body looks leaner.
What is the trainer like? I love Suzanne Bowen! She's a great motivator and always has a gorgeous smile on her face. Her great energy makes me want to work out even more! The trainer is also easy to keep up with - trust me, I have the WORST rhythm in the whole world (if I can keep up with her, anyone can!)
Advantages: Sometimes when I'm not bothered to exercise, I do three sections at a time. The good thing about this DVD is the customisation - you can do how many you want. Usually I incorporate it with cardio for some serious results. Pilates is also very relaxing - and I look forward to it.
Disadvantages-Pilates alone won't give you a perfect body - like I said, team it up with cardio.
Is it good for beginners?I would say yes. The 'Pilates Perfect Belly' is very difficult, so I suggest you try the 'Pilates Perfect Stretch' and 'Pilates Perfect Silhouette' first as I find them easier than the others. 
Price: £4.99 from Amazon. 
Celebrities who do Pilates (thought I'd add this bonus section to motivate you guys!): 
“I'm a Pilates person. It's great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it's completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I'm taller.”
 Jennifer Aniston, TV and movie star
 “Pilates is the only exercise programme that has changed my body and made me feel great.”– Jamie Lee Curtis, movie star
 'What do I like most about Pilates? 'The fact that I can really feel my body working. I might do 250 crunches but my body is so used to them that I don't really feel them. With Pilates, I can really feel [my abdominals] even if I only do six or 12 repetitions.”
– Joan Collins, actress and writer, who first started doing Pilates over 20 years ago

I do Pilates four or five times a week. The benefits are subtle, but it increases your flexibility and really tones you up. It also straightens your spine and improves your posture. In the past eight years, I've grown more than two and a half inches (6cm). I am 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and I am very pleased with that.”
– Belinda Carlisle, singer and pop icon.



Have you tried Pilates before? (If so, let me know how you found it!)


  1. I've heard so many great things about Pilates. I start my first class on Saturday morning! :) x

  2. Really? Tell us all about it :) It's amazing! xxx

  3. Pilates here i come! :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE this blog post! It's so informative and the quotes bit at the bottom has motivated me to start this soon cause Jen Aniston has an amazing body for her age!! Definitely going to buy the dvd when I'm back from hol! I'm so unfit though.. I hope I can do it haha xxx

  5. I wish I could follow DVD instructor but Its hard really.. It's just me though lol

  6. @DreamPixy - hehe good luck :)
    @Sriya - Woohoo so glad i motivated someone!! I'm sure you're not unfit!
    @Rinz - maybe! The more I do it the easier it gets! Have another go? xx

  7. I tried Pilates about 2/3yrs ago after I bought a set in tkmaxx (my fave shop!). It came with the rubber bands, a small weighted ball and dvd. I found it a bit hard because I'm not very stretchy & I couldn't get the breathing right but it did get my heart racing more than I thought it would xx

  8. I love Pilates and personally find them the easiest to do. I used to do them regularly for a year or so but besides slight toning around the waist, I did not see substantial inch loss :(

    Only cardio works for me! But I like the fact that this dvd is in parts. Might get it for lazy days :)


  9. @Tass - wow that seems confusing - maybe try something without the equipment?

    @Shifa - yeah it is the easiest but some of the moves are SOO tough!! It's only great for toning - not for weight loss! Team it up with cardio :) xx

  10. I bought a pilates dvd not so long ago, but the fitness trainer on mine isnt very motivating. You don't get enought time to try and keep up which doesn't help. Luckily it was only £5 haha. xx


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