Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lil Miss Tanned: Morocco photos part 2!

Hi guys! Here are some more photos from Morocco. I'm so sorry about being so lazy with blogging - I've had so much going on with work, studying and generally feeling lazy lol!

Here is part one of the Morocco photos (just in case you want to see!)

Near the Souks

Wearing traditional Moroccan clothing

Walking (more like slipping) towards the Ouzoud waterfall :)

On a camel - it's actually very painful afterwards!
Before clubbing :)

Getting massaged in one of the many pharmacies in Marrakech <3

So night lounge, Marrakech. So beautiful!
Quad biking in the desert - dangerous but super fun!
I shall be blogging a bit more this week! I've got a health related post coming up!


  1. You look so happy, Roshni! Looks like ap retty amazing holiday, I'm still yet to visit Morrocco. xo

  2. Aww thank you! I would highly recommend it xx

  3. You look so fab tanned! and you make me want to go to Morrocco everytime with your pics!

  4. Aww thank u Shifa, you're soo sweet xx

  5. Morrocco is so beautiful. I speak Arabic but i found it hard to communicate with some people as they were only fluent in French. You look stunning in all of your pictures x x x

  6. wow, it seem so fun, i really want to go there now

  7. All your holiday posts make me wanna go on holiday even more!! xx

  8. @The Dollymix Diaries - Yeah it was so difficult to communicate - i'm rubbish at French and I don't know Arabic :( Thank you :)

    @Mz A - it really is!! Definitely check it out!

    @Sriya - aww hope u get to go soon :)

  9. Loving the camel pose hehe xx

  10. I love marrakech, amazing place, you look gorgeous in all your pics! x

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