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Lil Miss Healthy: Weight Management Tips :$

I'm back again with a health post. If you want to read about my weight loss journey, click here

Just to recap anyway, I've been chubby most of my life; I was even bullied about my weight. Back in 2009, I weighed myself and realised I was nearly overweight and I had simply had enough of my body. Since that day I decided to take care of my body, and most important of all, my health. I was always ill (every other week might I add), had low energy and was generally moody! Since losing the weight, I feel full of energy, my mood has improved - and I'm hardly ever ill (yay!)

I've noticed that there are lots of tips on losing weight, but hardly on maintaining it. Losing weight is half the battle when it comes to weight loss.. but how about maintaining it?What's the point of only losing weight and keeping it off for a few months? Don't you want it to last forever?

I know countless people who embark on so called 'crash diets', and then once they have reached their weight loss goal, they simply go back to eating normally again, sometimes even eating more to make up for their lack of eating during the diet. 

During my weight loss journey, I ate whatever I wanted. I still do now - in fact I eat more than I used to. The reason is because my metabolism has increased. When you starve yourself, your body slows down and stores the fat just in case you happen to starve yourself again. In fact, I put on weight in Morocco due to not eating enough!!

Here are some photos of my weight loss journey.. and my journey after I reached my target weight:

     Summer 2009:  1) 62kg     2) 62kg  

December 2009: 3) 60kg

February 2010:  4) 58kg

 5) September 2010: 52kg

6) April 2011: 53kg
7) June 2011: 52kg

This is my weight loss journey, resembled by a bunch of skinny arm poses (sorry about that!)

Here are my tips on maintaining your weight:
  •  First of all, never, ever forbid yourself from food that you love. I love chocolate - I eat it a few times a week and I never feel guilty. There's no point denying yourself from food you love because you'll end up craving it more and most probably end up bingeing it.
  • Do not starve yourself. When I went to Morocco I was not eating enough. This resulted in weight gain. When you starve yourself, your body goes into 'survival mode'. It also slows down your metabolism and your body starts to store fat. Starving yourself wrecks your metabolism (which I believe is a major factor in losing and maintaing weight).
  • I feel that my metabolism has increased since changing my eating patterns. I used to eat very little when I weighed more and now my father tells me off for eating too much! My basal metabolism has increased because I eat often, I never starve myself and I exercise.
  • Speaking of exercise, try it. You don't have to spend hours in the gym, even walking, dancing in your room, generally moving around more during the day helps. Every little helps ;)
  • Instead of feeling sorry for yourself if you gain weight or you're having a bad day, do something to solve it! Feeling bad may cause you to eat emotionally  which will cause you to gain even more weight - it's a never ending cycle!
  • Avoid relying on weighing scales. I weigh more than I did last year but it may be due to muscle gain. I work out using weights at least three times a week so it may be possible. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat. Furthermore, during your menstrual cycle you will weigh at least two pounds more - so I suggest you avoid doing that.
  • Don't be a slave to your cravings. Whenever I crave food, I try to imagine eating that particular food with hair to put myself off it! Cravings don't mean hunger - eating when you are actually hungry is way more fulfilling.
  • Get enough sleep. Studies show that lack of sleep causes people to eat way more. I've noticed this personally too.
  • Don't just stop exercising when you've reached your goal. The whole of July, I did not exercise (due to going on holiday). I noticed a difference in my overall health; I was tired, moody and my body was starting to lose it's tone. Try to make exercise fun for you - I have many work out DVDs but I only do the ones I actually enjoy.
  • If you do feel guilty about eating junk food, try to eat healthier throughout the day or even exercise.  
  • I love green tea as well as warm water and lemon as a metabolism quick fix.
  • If you really want to diet, Weight Watchers have a weight management scheme that is pretty good (and it's free after you've embarked on the Weight Watchers diet).
  • As you may know, I used the Paul Mckenna system to lose weight. I still don't follow all his rules, but I do try to listen to the mind programming C.D for some extra motivation (it seems creepy but it actually works) Check out my Paul Mckenna post here (if you're interested)
  • Remember, diets are only temporary. If you want to lose weight forever, you must create a management plan that you can do forever. Don't be too restrictive!I've known people who have spent thousands of pounds of losing weight, instead, change your mind set, set a goal, do it for free and spend those thousands a lovely holiday as a treat!
  • Think positive, imagine your ideal body instead of focusing on your negative parts. I still want to lose my stomach (my major trouble area) but I know I can do it if I work out enough and avoid eating too much. 
  • I was always told that I was naturally big, and there was nothing I could do about my weight. People used to put me down, and they still do. Now I get people making horrible comments such as ' I bet you hardly eat', 'You need to eat more', 'Make sure you don't lose anymore weight, you'll look disgusting'. All I can say is, don't let people put you down. I've noticed a lot of people being very happy for me whereas others were simply annoyed. I felt that I had to justify that I eat by eating more in front of them, but now I've decided that they've probably got their own insecurities and are trying to demotivate me. If I was starving myself, I would look totally different and I find it offensive that people say things like that to me, it's just as bad as calling someone fat!
I hope these tips have motivated you!! Please share your own success stories and weight management tips! I would love to hear them. Sorry again for the posing, it's a reflex action! LOL! 

Love from Rosh xxx

Note: I'm not affiliated with Paul Mckenna. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Wow well done!! Going to the gym and eating the right foods makes you feel better even if you don't have to loose weight. You look amazing by the way xxx

  2. Aww thank you Recebba - you're totally correct! :) xx

  3. "Avoid relying on weighing scales." - This I do every morning.. Hmm I need to kick myself out of this habit! Fabulous post - Thank you :) xx

  4. @Shortiee31 - trust me, your weight changes everyday! There's so many different factors - such as air pressure, your clothes, the time of the day etc. etc. It's no accurate! Thank you btw xx

  5. i read your original blog post about weight loss and it inspired me to start my own! So far I have lost 6 kg, exercise and portion control is the key!

  6. @Cho Cho- definitely!! Aww thank you - so glad I inspired you :) Good luck.. and well done ;) xx

  7. Fabulous post! Ive lost just over a stone now :) Lovely Paul Mckenna hehe another 7 pounds to go!! x x

  8. Well done you look beautiful!! Great inspirational post Hun xxx

  9. Wow you have done so well! Very motivational, I hope I can do this too! :)

  10. hey Roshni! This post was inspiring, thanks for helping us all! Currently I'm 65 kg and I'm 5'5 so I'm almost overweight.
    I tried to cut out every ounce of sugar a few weeks ago..and I went on a binge of chocolate a week later! Although I have been maintaining my gym visits (3 a week yay!)

    I think you're right about rewarding yourself with chocolate and the stuff you love every now and again.

    anyway,I find your pictures inspiring,and by the way you look beautiful in all sizes.



  11. Aww such a lovely and insightfull post as always Roshni!

    Just like you, I am not a slave to the scale too and rather believe in inch loss, as that is something I can easily moniter by fitting into clothes lol.

    I have a tonne of Davina's DVDs to keep my self entertained. I have been avoiding exercising sicne the past two weeks due to Ramadan and I agree, I am much more moody and tired, not to forget loosing shape.

    And you look gorgeous by the way! You can NEVER ever please certain people. No matter what you do, they'll always find ways to put you down. Ignorance is the best policy with them :)


  12. @Alesha - congratulations on your weight loss!
    @Giddy Princess - aww thank u :)
    @Yu- aw thank u :) xx
    @Ayesha - thank u! And good luck! Moderation is the key!
    @Shifa - thank u for the lovely comment! You're so right.. people will never be pleased (well some of them!) i will deffo be ignoring them! xx

  13. This motivates me to start setting my weight & health as a priority - I've been slacking!

  14. Wow, you look great! you have a killer figure. thanks for the weight loss tips!

  15. Lovey you could not have explained this any better! I read it when you posted it but didnt have time to comment! Exactly no one ever explains how to maintain it! I'm forever going on at people not to crash diet and starve them sleves! So proud of you mwah! I hope people take note of this!

  16. @Saimese - aww good luck :) xx

    @Penelope - thank u so much :) xx

    @Dream Pixy - aww you're soo sweet! I'm always going on at people too but they never listen to me :( lol xx

  17. You left me with open vocation, I have many wanting to lose weight and I really had a hard time, that just under 1 kilo, and I go away ...
    I have a nasty instability with food ....
    God will try to bring your council ... because I am arta these kilos of more ....

    Once you guapisima

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