Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lil Miss Technologic: iPhone apps I love +

One of my obsessions in life is the iPhone. I have had the iPhone for over two years and it's simply astounding.  Last week, I finally upgraded to the iPhone 4s - which I love. I especially adore Siri, the new voice activated assistant, which will send messages, read emails, check the weather, search the web for you - all you have to do is ask  :)

Here is a recent conversation I had with Siri. It even has a sense of humour! 

I have already mentioned some of my favourite iPhone apps in this post, but I am going to mention some more in this post: 

An app which I have been using recently is called 'My Fitness Pal' (free)
This app is actually a 'calorie counter and diet tracker'. As you may know, I do not believe in diets or calorie counting, but I was ill with the flu recently and my apetite went. I downloaded this app to ensure that I was eating enough food. This app has seriously made me consider my eating habits - I have worked out that I lack iron, Vitamin A and dairy in my diet so I will eating more foods with these gems in them. I found out that one raw carrot has your recommend amount of Vitamin A for a day. I was completely lacking this in my diet so I'm glad I downloaded this app!

To use this app, you simply enter your details (your name, weight, age and so on) and enter what you've eaten, how much water you have drunk and the exercise you have done. My limit is 1500 calories a day, which I cannot follow as it's not enough for me. This app has motivated me to exercise though - so I highly recommend it to anyone in need of some motivation. 

Here are some screen shots:
I only have 311 calories left lol !

What I have eaten today.

 Another app which I love is called Instagram (free).  This is my favourite photography app and I use it to adjust the effects of a photo. It gives a lovely vintage touch to a photo. I love how interactive this app is; you can create an account and upload the photos directly on the app. You can also view other people's photos and like them. If you're into photography, you will love this app! 

You can change the effect of the photo.
Some of my own photos

  Another app I have been loving is called 'Voucher Cloud'. (Free). This app notifies you of the latest offers. Instead of printing out vouchers, you simply show your phone to the waiter. I always use this before going to restaurants - it usually saves me some money :) One time, I even got a coffee for free from Coffee Republic - all I had to do was show the voucher from my phone. Score!

 I am very interested in astrology, so having a daily horoscope is necessary to me. I have previously downloaded many astrology apps, however 'Daily Horoscope' (free) is the most accurate! My sister uses it and she finds it accurate too! This app even has a compatibility chart, as well as a Chinese and Druid horoscope.

The next app I love is called 'Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock'.(69p) This is basically an ''alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase - a natural way to wake up where you feel rested and relaxed.'' Sometimes I have a problem getting up in the morning - this app just makes my life so much easier! You simply put it underneath your bed sheet whilst sleeping and it will wake you up at the appropriate time the next day. It analyzes your sleep pattern by judging your sleep movements. Pretty cool stuff, and totally worth 69p!

Moreover, Days Until (free) is a great 'productivity' and motivation app. It basically tells you how many days until a particular event. Yay only 61 days till Christmas and yay 86 days until my birthday. If I have an exam coming up I usually put it on the app and check the app to scare myself (a dose of reality is needed sometimes!)

Travel Deluxe (69p) is essential if you use London transport. I rarely take buses,but when I do I usually miss my stop (out of stupidity might I add). The London travel deluxe app allows you to enter which bus you are on and it tells you exactly where you are. Furthermore, it plans routes for buses, trains, tubes, coaches, DLR and overground.

 I have always loved Simulation games and Surviving High School (69p) is definitely one of them. You basically play a character in school and make choices. The choices could lead to happy endings - or rubbish ones. The game has new episodes every week (which are free), and you can also purchase them (but I never do). I love this app - it's really entertaining and slightly reminds me of the Sims.

 The next app I love is called 'iPint (free)'. This app was the reason as to why I purchased the iPhone two years ago! It's my party trick. All you do it fill up the beer on the phone and drink from it. It's amazing how the beer disappears! The only catch - you have to be over 18 to purchase the app lol.

Another photography app I love is called 'Water my photo' (free) which basically adds water to your photos! It creates such a beautiful effect! Here are some photos I 'waterized':

Hope you enjoyed this overly long post about iPhone apps! Remember if you have the Android or the Blackberry (not sure about other phones) you may be able to download some of these apps :)

What are your favourite apps?


  1. I love how you wrote this post really nice pictures x


  2. Great post! I enjoyed reading it :) Will definitely looks into these apps. xx

  3. Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed reading this post xxx

  4. I love my fitness pal and downloaded the alarm thing and voucher cloud.


  5. @NRC - Thank you for following! Hope you like those apps xx

  6. love this post! that water app is awesome!

  7. Great iphone apps! I already use a lot of these, but will be checking out the rest! x

  8. @Andee Layne - thank you! xx
    @StyleFrost - thank you - I'm always downloading them lol x

  9. What a great post! Thanks for sharing with us your fave apps. I really like the look of the sleep cycle alarm clock!

  10. haha conversations with siri are hilarious.

  11. Haha - love the Siri response! Really good post too hun - I haven't got half of these apps and I have loads of apps so I definitely feel like I have been missing out now!

  12. Thank you sooo much hun for this post! I got my i hpne 4s yesterday, wanted to kno what apps to download, already downloaded FITNESS PAL but Voucher Cloud sounds fab too :) thank u


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