Sunday, 30 October 2011

Lil Miss Motivated: Can you beat the clock? :%

I am all for motivation, especially now that it's Autumn and all I want to do is laze around in my pyjamas. 

Here is a quick motivation tip that I do to get things done. I use it to tidy my bedroom, set my bag, do my chores and also do some studying. 

1) I set my timer to a particular time. I usually set it for 5 minutes.

2) I quickly tidy my room (or do the other things I mentioned). As I know it's only 5 minutes (or less), I feel compelled to finish the task.

 3) I usually finish before the timer is done (I then do some 'extra chores'). If I haven't, I simply set it again (for another five minutes!)

This tip might not work for everyone but it certainly gets me out of bed. I would consider myself quite the 'neat freak', but I can be lazy at times. I use this technique every single day - before work (when time is limited) and also when I come home. It really gets me motivated!

In regards to study, I set the timer for 30 minutes and reward myself to a 5 minute break. 

If you really want a challenge, you can even set it to 1 minute for tidying up and so on.

Hope this tip helps you!

You will be surprised with what you can achieve in merely 5 minutes!


  1. I used to do this before going to work in the mornings! I timed my shower, my hair and makeup and then my breakfast so I would actually leave the house on time! It was great! x

  2. awesome technique must give it a go!

  3. hi just found your blog its great. a tip that i use is that i put a song on and i have to tidy my room before it finishes it usually takes a couple of songs but i get there in he end,and whilst your listening to music it takes your mind of tidying x

  4. thanks guys!

    @Misspinkaholic - great technique! xx

  5. Omg, I ALWAYS do this aswell, its so easy, and really handy!


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