Sunday, 16 October 2011

Lil Miss Unhealthy: Navratri and being ill. +

  •  The photo above was taken before celebrating the Hindu Festival of Navratri. I had a fab time but I am pretty sure that the late nights contributed to my flu.
Here are some photos of the festival  if you're interested:
Please ignore my MASSIVE stomach - that's what a really tight sari does to you :P 

  • Speaking of the flu, I have been suffering for nearly a week. Lack of appetite, feeling weak, having a sore throat etc. etc. The antibiotics I am taking are currently helping me recover but I still feel really dizzy and my throat is very sore. You may have noticed my constant moaning on Twitter (I'm so sorry - illness brings out my emotional side lol)
  • I am going to start drinking green tea again - I haven't had it for months and whenever I used to have it I would rarely get ill! 
  • I actually miss working out - can you believe it? I've also lost 2kg in weight - but it's due to loss of apetite (which is not good!)
  • Hope you all bare with me - I will be trying to post more (as soon as I'm healthy again!) 


  1. Roshni you look gorgeous. I hope that you're recovering. Rest and eat well xoxo

  2. The last picture is amazing!! x

  3. You look lovely, get well soon! x

  4. I love that last picture!! I have my uni garba tomorrow and have no idea how dressed up to get! :( I want your sari!! xxx

  5. Awww thank u! You also have GORGEOUS Indian suits!! xx

  6. Hope you get well soon babe! Don't worry about working out now, you'll get back to your routine once you feel better :)

  7. aww thank you Shifa - I feel so much better today =D i think i'll give myself a lot of time off working out (it requires too much energy lol!) xx


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