Monday, 19 December 2011

Lil Miss Healthy: Tracy Anderson Mat Method Review +

Hi guys! I'm very sorry about the lack of blogging - I was bogged down with exams so my priorities were shifted. Now that I've got three weeks off, expect a lot more blog posts!

I could not think of a more appropriate blog post to do, now that it's Christmas time. I do love to indulge, but I also love to remove any guilt by working out! This is my latest addition to my vast workout DVD collection (thanks to Nicola for recommending it to me).

Who is Tracy Anderson?
Tracy Anderson is a celebrity personal trainer and former dancer. Her clients include: Madonna, Shakira, Penelope Cruz and Nicole Richie. This gave me even more of an incentive to do this workout!

"Truly is a miracle... you will see the results you never thought possible." Gwyneth Paltrow
"I love Tracy Anderson's Method! Her approach to exercise is smart, creative and empowering. I believe Tracy can transform any woman." Shakira

 What is the DVD low down?
The purpose of this Mat Workout DVD is to re-engineer your muscular structure, wake up your accessory muscles, pull in your larger muscles and shift your shape into something you never knew you could achieve. The DVD is the perfect companion to my Dance Cardio Workout DVD but equally can be done on its own - the moves are easy to follow and provide amazing results. No specialist equipment required--Tracy recommends weight exercises for the arms to be performed using a 500ml bottle of water in each hand. (I use 3 pound weights for this workout)

This DVD is very different to all my other DVDs. The DVD incorporates Pilates, yoga and ballet moves. I use this as a toning workout. Tracy states that you should do this workout 4-6 times a week. This isn't always feasible, therefore I try to do this 2 times a week. I truly enjoy doing this workout - the music is peaceful and relaxing. I always look forward to it :)

How long is the DVD?
The workout is 60 minutes long. There are 7 segments, as well as a warm up and cool down,

5 minute warm-up
Standing leg toning exercises (a chair will be needed for support) - this is quite tough! I can feel my love handles burning away! There are two separate segments for this.
Standing ab exercises - I found this difficult at first because it's quite fast but I really enjoy doing it.
Two sets of arm exercises, one including light weights, one without- this is definitely the toughest arm workout I have EVER done! I am always so close to giving up! It is very painful but totally worth it.
Floor leg/bum exercises - this workout is not as hard as the other segments. You will be on the floor so make sure you have enough space.
Floor abs - I can feel my abs burning within seconds. I love the rotations that Tracy Anderson uses, in order to excite your accessory muscles.
Cool down.

Has it made a difference to your body?
I've done this workout every single week (I have had it for over a month now) and I've noticed that my 'muffin tops' have shrunk, my arms look more toned and my posture has improved :) You do need to incorporate it with cardio in order to see the benefits. I don't always have time to workout for more than an hour, but I do try to walk during the day.

What is Tracy Anderson like?
The biggest criticism is the lack of instructions for some of the moves, especially during the 'Floor abs' section. I cannot always see my laptop when I am doing the moves, and Tracy doesn't always tell you when she is moving onto the next move. This is slightly frustrating! I do like Tracy though - she doesn't speak much, she is definitely not as intimidating as Jillian Michael's and she also has the tendency to pout during the workout, which is fine by me because I love to pout ;)

The workout can be done if you've had something to eat as it doesn't make you run out of breath. I also love the music and the fact that Tracy doesn't talk too much! You can also customise the workout by choosing the segments that you would like to do :) .

Lack of instructions, therefore it may not be suitable for beginners.

Where can I buy it from?
I purchased mine from Amazon  for a mere £6.67.

Have you tried this workout?
How do you stay healthy?


  1. Thanks for this, Need to get my arse exercising again!

  2. I tried a Tracey Anderson workout on Youtube, can't really remember which one but I just couldn't get into it. It was more like dancing? and I'm rubbish! I wish I had a body like Shakira though lol xx

  3. @Dawniepants - you're welcome! xx
    @Tass - It is pretty hard to get used to but it's worth persevering! xx

  4. Wow this DVD looks good, anyone who has worked with Shakira or Penelope has to be taken seriously! I really need to work on my posture so will try and get this, loving the price. Great detailed review :) x

  5. Thank you! Yeah it's a brilliant workout - but so tough! Definitely give it a go :)

  6. great post! I just bought a Zumba kit that has DVD's and toning sticks so can't wait to try it out for a while and see if it makes this kind of difference x

  7. @Ell - thank you!! Let me know how that goes! I've got the Zumba workout for the Wii console! It's so much fun! x


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