Friday, 30 December 2011

Lil Miss Reminiscent: Favourite products of 2011 +

This year, I haven't been very experimental with makeup or skin care. I've been using the same old stuff and I've been loving it! I used to be a bit more obsessed about makeup but it has definitely taken a back seat this year! I used to love dressing up, but now it doesn't excite me as much. I don't know what has happened to me? 

Here are a few of my favourite products of 2011:

Neal and Wolf Shine Spray - I couldn't live without this! It really makes your hair shiny. Click here to read more.

Nothing can beat Loreal Voluminous - my favourite mascara ever! :)

I found love with Mac Refined Golden Bronzer this year!

Amie Skincare - I've been using this since December 2010. (Full review coming soon)

Barry M lipstick No. 62 (bright, but it actually suits me!), Max Factor lipstick in Pink Brandy (this is a great mixing colour), Bobbi Brown lipstick in Carnation (my summer lippie) and Revlon Lipstick in Cinnamon Bronze (my 'Fall' colour).

Art Deco eyeshadow in no.29 (perfect for inner corner and brow bone highlight)

Orly nail polish in Stone Cold (the most vibrant dark blue, with a surplus of glitter), Star Gazer polish in no. 313 (my all time favourite), Ciate paint pot in Kitten Heels (long lasting and gorgeous). Orly nail polish in Night Owl (the perfect nude, read my review here) and Barry M nail paint in Fuchsia (my summer colour).

Honey as a face mask. If only I had discovered this before. This helps keep your skin looks supple, feeling smooth and also lightens acne scars. I purchased mine from Sainsbury's. Here is my review on it.

Garnier Roll on in Medium. It's not perfect but it acts as an eye cream as well as a concealer. It brightens my under eyes without looking cakey. :)
HD Brows Set - defining your brows makes a massive difference to your face. I love this product!


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  2. I know exactly what you mean by makeup taking a backseat this year!
    cinnamon revlon lipstick looks divine, I remember liking it in a previous post too!
    Cute post! xx

  3. I love your lipstick and nail polish picks. :)

  4. Great! I'm going to have to check these out, I love recommendations!

  5. Love the nail polish picks =) Fellow desi blogger here!

    BTW I am a creature of habit and havent strayed from Bobbi Brown Creamy and Makeup Forever Lift concealer. Do you think Garnier offers decent coverage for everyday?

  6. @Rentu - thank you!
    @Emma D - you should buy it! It's fab! :)
    @The Feminine Crusade - thank you xx
    @Dawnie Pants - thank you xx
    @Hira - Garnier - it is decent but not amazing. I have to re apply it once again! x (I'm sure the BB and Makeup Forever one are better!) xx

  7. Haha, it seems like we've all done this post. It's great seeing everyone's favourites! <3 I really want to try honey as a mask now that you've mentioned it. And thanks for reminding me that I need to get that Garnier roll on thingy! :)

  8. Nice post! those lippies look lovely!

  9. @Summer - thank you :) I love the honey mask - although it works better on dry skin!
    @SD - thank you xx


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