Saturday, 9 August 2014

Denman tangle smoother review

 Having long, thick hair is a nightmare at times! I struggle to tame my hair because it is full of tangles.

I was recently sent this Denman Tangle Smoother to test out. This brush is a god send! I normally brush my hair when it is wet, brushing from the bottom, and then brushing the top half of my hair - I have noticed that this technique works better with my unruly hair! 

I love the colour of the brush too - it stands out amongst my hair care products. There's also a yellow version (note - I took the photos of the tangle smoother before I tested it out). I wish there was a way to fold this to make it travel friendly.

This is the best type of brush if you have long, thick hair, if you wear extensions or a wig, or if your hair is full of tangles. The metal pins do a great job in smoothing your hair. It can even be used to massage the scalp.

It can be purchased from the Denman website.

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