Sunday, 20 November 2011

Lil Miss Busy: My week in photos +

Hi guys! I've had such a crazy, but exciting week! Let me share some photos with you!

On Tuesday, I went to the Rihanna concert - which was fab! Rihanna is a great performer, and definitely knows how to entertain the crowd! 

My sister and I both got the 'Stars' tattoo which Rihanna has on her back. It's not real btw! I managed to convince some people that it was real lol!
Here's Rihanna wearing practically nothing!

I also managed to see James May at Canary Wharf! I don't watch Top Gear but I felt like taking a photo of him anyway!
On Wednesday, I had to wake up at 5.30am (day after the concert) to go to Bristol for my final year research project. Exhausting or what? Luckily, the train had mini TVs with free programmes! I watched 'How I met your mother' for the first time, and I loved it :)
On Thursday, I went to uni, and when I got home I worked out to my new Tracey Anderson DVD. I think I am addicted to this! I saw results the next day. Review coming right up ;)
On Friday, I had a few hours off between lectures, so my friends and I decided to eat at Vapianos (my favourite restaurant!) The food was delicious as always!

We also did a spot of shopping at Topshop. Here are some lovely cupcakes from 'Lolas Cupcakes'.

On Friday, I went to watch Breaking Dawn. Even though it received bad reviews, I thought it was amazing! It was really funny and definitely lived up to the book (which was my fave one out of the series) .Source
On Saturday, I rushed home from work to get ready to celebrate my brothers 18th birthday! We celebrated it in an Indian restaurant! It was so much fun!
Here is a photo of my friend and I during my brothers party (he's not actually pouting, he was caught off guard!)
 How was your week?


  1. Looks like you've had a fab week! Don't get me wrong I hate chic flicks and I am very quick to criticise a film normally But I seriously thought Breaking dawn was the best of the Twilight Saga so far! xx

  2. It definitely was! I liked how romantic it was, the last scene, and how hot Jacob looked ;) x

  3. Ahh Rihanna, she's so gorgeous. That pasta dish and pizza both look amazing, makes me hungry! xx

  4. I love Vapiano! I used to go to uni right around the corner from there - lucky me! Those cupcakes look amazing too :) x

  5. @Saimese - thanks!
    @AmyBell - she is gorgeous! I'm craving the pasta now lol!
    @Numera - lucky you! If I did, I would go in there like everyday!
    @Kaledo Mind - I know right! xx

  6. Awwww what an awesome week :D And how i met your mother is a great show it's one of my favourites :D Another great show that is funny is called 2 broke girls it has only recently started I love those two shows :D Loveeee your week seems like fun! xoxo

  7. Did you see Rihanna at the 02 arena? I'm going to see her next month- cant wait! Just out of curiosity, what time did the show end?

  8. Roshni! I thought of you when I went to Vapiano's on Friday before a topshop spree! Was my first time there - was incredibleee! Shared a pizza and pesto ravioli with my friend, was so tasty and I love their little takeaway box haha! xx

  9. It looks like you have had a lovely week! I really enjoyed nosing into your activities :-P



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