Tuesday, 1 November 2011

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out =

I haven't done an In and Out post in ages - purely because I didn't know what to write about. I am back with another one - I think I will do these randomly! 

My untidy room - well untidy for me anyway lol!
TV - I love cosy nights in. I love how my favourite TV shows start during September - Vampire Diaries, Young Apprentice, Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars (although Pretty Little Liars is on another break and will be back in January 2012).

Quinoa. I tried quinoa (a type of grain, originally from South America) for the first time this month and I loved it. I ate it with goji berries and apples and added some cinnamon powder to taste. It is a great source of protein and also has good iron content. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare and you can buy it from most supermarkets. I will do a separate post on this!

Working out. After Zante and Morocco I stopped exercising and noticed a huge difference in my figure. I was no longer comfortable in tight fitting clothes as my stomach had become wobbly. I have been in denial about it for ages, but in September I decided to work out again. I am aiming to workout 3/4 times a week. My current favourite workout is 'No More Trouble Zones' by the lovely Jillian Michael's. This workout is purely strength based - it involves weights and I can feel a difference in my body the next day. I will definitely be doing a review on this workout!

Healthy eating - thanks to the 'My fitness pal app' I started eating healthily. I used to eat pretty badly before. Once I started using the app, I realised I was lacking iron, Vitamin A and calcium in my diet. Out came the carrots, spinach and yoghurt. I have noticed a big improvement in my skin (I usually break out once a week but I haven't had anymore *touch wood*) . My hair also looks shinier too. This just shows that nourishing your insides is just as important (if not more) as having a good skin care routine.

Being organised. As I have been working out hard and eating well - I feel that I am in control of my life. Conveniently, I have been more organised and life has been pretty stress free due to it! I always set my bag the night before, I am constantly setting myself reminders on my phone instead of trying to memorising things and I try to get up early to prevent rushing. The tough part is keeping everything up.

Candles. I have been loving lighting up candles lately. Personally, Yankee candles are far too expensive for me (I cannot fathom spending £15 on a candle) so I decided to snoop around in Wilkinson's; I found some gorgeous candles. The one I am currently burning right now smells of vanilla - and now my room smells delightfully sweet :) I can't wait to buy some more - they're only £3!


Eyeshadow. I have so much makeup yet I only use 10% of it. I haven't bothered with wearing eyeshadow lately - I simply cannot be bothered to get dressed up in the mornings anymore. I just wear eyeliner and mascara, as opposed to layering primer and applying several shades of colour etc. etc. I'm sure it's just a phase though ;)

Negative thinking. I am generally a very pessimistic person - I tend to worry too much about certain situations and I always expect the worst; I feel as if I focus my energy on the wrong things! A recent loss in the family has really made me re-evaluate my life. My aim is to look on the brighter side of things and to stop worrying. It will be tough, but being positive is just so much better for you!

What have your In's and Out's been?


  1. roshniiiii! how are you!?? i wrote a really long comment on your post below earlier today but my phone spazzed out on me so i lost it!
    But thank you so much for your comment on my blog...I have made a new blog because the posts werent updating on followers' lists (you were the only one that told me - so thank you!) so ill send u the link once its properly up and running, hopefully you'll check it out!!

    I tried the honey mask you wrote about and initially i LOVED it - it made my skin soo clear, even my younger brother who never says anything nice to me commented on it! But theeennn i broke out in really weird bump things on my chin and forehead! I dont know whether it was cause i used the honey mask 4 times consecutively (got a bit excited lol) or if it was that but im too scared to try it again!

    Alsooo debenhams has an offer right now for three yankee candles for 15pounds!! They come in sets so i bought one! Never bought yankee candles before just because of the ridiculous price! You should check it out...im gonna check out these Wilkinson ones - i would never have thought to check there!

    ALSO (lol) I bought Jillian Michaels 30day shred!!!! Re-read your review on it and amazon ones and finally bought it but i havent used it :( lacking motivation so badly but i am determined to start using it! wish me luck lol!

    so sorry about this essay of a comment....and sorry to hear about ur family loss...hope youre doing ok! Check out this picture link :)


  2. omg that is SUCH an essay - v.sincerely apologise!

  3. Where's your wall shelf thing from pleaaase?
    Lovee your blog btw <3

  4. Aw. Your room looks cute!!
    Nilu xo

  5. As if your room is messy! You should see mine!... Actually no, mine is just horrific!

    I've not worked out in an age and can definitely tell a difference in my figure, urgh. Need to get back on the shred, but maybe cut it down to 4-5 times a week, that way I'd probabvly stick to it?


  6. @EmmaDee - Hey! I've missed you! So glad you have started blogging again. Regarding the honey - the same thing happened to me, but now I only use it once a week. My forehead and chin are the oiliest areas of my skin so I believe that may have caused it! I may have to avoid applying honey on my forehead and chin to prevent those annoying little bumps from occuring again! Wow 3 candles for 15 - that's so cheap! I want the big sizes though lol You should try 30 day shred - it is tough but it gets easier! It's totally worth it! Let me know how it goes!

    @Faria - the shelves were fitted on the wall years ago by some company. No idea sorry :( xx

    @Mangowhirl - thanks :) xx

    @Halima - your figure looks amazing!! 4-5 times a week is perfect xx

  7. The positive thinking thing is so so hard for me. im always thinking negatively and even though I try.. when things go wrong I can be so nasty and pessimistic I upset myself. UGH!!!

  8. Hmmmm, I've never had quinoa in a sweet dish with fruit, only in salads... Sounds yummy! Will have to try.
    Such a fab blog, am now following.

    Ekaete xx


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