Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lil Miss Astonished: Bioderma makeup remover review

One of the perils of wearing makeup is removing it - definitely eye makeup! I have tried many different eye makeup removers, namely: Amie, Simple, Johnson's and Botanics. None of these eye makeup removers haven ANYTHING on Bioderma. I received Bioderma as part of a gift for my birthday. I have been lusting after it for ages, especially after seeing many reviews on blogs and You tube. Even, Lisa Eldridge has recommended it.

What exactly is Bioderma?
  • Bioderma is basically a cleanser which removes your makeup. I use it to remove eye makeup - I haven't tried it on my face yet.
  • Bioderma is especially orientated for sensitive, normal and dry skin 
  • It is soap free
  • It removes water resistant makeup
  • It soothes your skin and prevents feelings of irritation often caused by cleansing

    What are the ingredients?
    As you can see, there are NO parabens and NO sodium laureth sulphate - which are bad for your skin and your health. There's also cucumber inside - which is great for your eyes.

     What are your impressions of Bioderma?
    When I first used this, I was astonished (hence the name of the post). Bioderma managed to remove every speck of makeup from my eyes. There was no residue, and I did not suffer from panda eyes the next morning.

    How do you use it?
    I poured Bioderma onto a cotton pad, and held the pad on my eye for 10 seconds. I gently removed any excess eye makeup using the cotton pad, and that's it! Everything was gone! I do not have to tug or pull on my eyes anymore to remove the makeup. This constant tugging and pulling can cause premature ageing. I haven't used it on my face because my skin is extremely sensitive (even though the product is formulated for sensitive skin). I may try it one day...

    Where can you get it from?
    This is definitely the downside of the product. Bioderma is available in France. I don't know anyone in France, but I do have friends who know friends. You can buy it online though (thank god!). I think my friend purchased it from this website.

    • Fabulous product
    • Makeup artists around the world use it!
    • Great for sensitive skin
    • Massive bottle
    • Relatively cheap - two 500ml bottles cost £15.
    • You get 500ml of product which will last a very long time
    • Technically, it's great for anti-ageing, because you won't be pulling on your eye lids as much
    • They don't sell it in the UK. Not good if you need it in an emergency
    • Watch out for shipping prices!
    • The bottle is too big for travel (you can always decant it)
    If you want to find out more about Bioderma products, click here
    Have you tried this product before?


    1. I have also been after this for ages, ever since Lisa Eldridge raved about it! My friend actually ordered me a bottle from Paris, I have yet to pick it up! Thanks for the review, will make the added effort to pick it up :) xxx

    2. My sister has this and I unsuccessfully tried to steal it from her!

    3. I use the same product for sensitive skins (Sensibio) and I am loving it! It's been 2 months since I've started using it and I am actually looking forward to makeup removal at night only because this amazing product is a part of my routine :) I'm currently visiting Turkey and am so lucky that it's very widely available here, literally in every pharmacy. I will definitely be taking back 4-5 bottles with me when I return to U.S.! Can't believe it's not available in UK, that's strange! Such a great product :)

    4. oooh! This sounds magical! I currently use a simple baby-oil and baby-wipes combinstion andIcan't complain! But i would be sure to get this when next I'm visiting London! xxx

    5. I will be definitely trying this out- sounds very good! Thanks Roshni x


    6. LOVE bioderma!!

    7. I have been DYING to try this.... especially since Lisa Eldridge raved about it! Sadly I have to order mine off ebay but thanks to your review this will surely be worth it!

    8. I have it and it is amazing!

    9. I would like to say that this blog really convinced me to do it! Thanks, very good post.
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