Monday, 2 January 2012

Lil Miss Happy: 1 Hundred things no. 2 +


Here is the second set of things that make me happy!  

Click here to see the first

In no particular order...


2)True friends

3)Vampire Diaries

4) Cuddles

5) Being organised
6) Taking photos

7) Laughing

8) Praying

9) Helping people

10) Lipstick


  1. love this post! love them all apart from Vampire Diaries (I haven't watched it! i saw the first epi and didnt carry on!) and exercise haha! xx

  2. @Emma - You need to watch it! The first episode of VD was so rubbish!! It's amazing!! Exercise - you only feel good afterwards lol! Thank you btw xx

  3. Love this post and the finger art is so adorable :).
    Love your blog

  4. This post is so cute, I love the things that make you happy, and that cat is adorable x

  5. it was a wonderful chance to visit this kind of site and I am happy to know. thank you so much for giving us a chance to have this opportunity..


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