Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lil Miss Glittery: Orly nail polish in Stone Cold +

As you may know, I go through several obsessions each month. This month's obsession is nail polish. I used to wear it once a week, and now it's several times a week! I have been loving Orly nail polish in Stone Cold, which is a dark blue polish with a surplus of glitter. I own several dark blue nail polishes but Orly is definitely the best. It has the longest staying power and a greatest accentuation of the glitter.

This colour is from the Orly Mineral FX Collection.

Here are some photos:

 Maybe it's not the most work appropriate colour, but you can definitely get away with it at a party :)

 This photo does not justify the polish!


What is the packaging like?
The packaging is very original and has a rubber tip, which makes opening the bottle so much easier! I've dropped the bottle several times and it did not shatter. It seems to be bigger than an OPI nail polish.  
Any disadvantages?
Make sure you shake the bottle well, otherwise the nail polish will separate! This accounts for all nail polishes, but I've noticed I have to shake more with Orly.

How much does it cost?
The price does vary. I've seen it for £10 in some places and £7 in others. You can buy the smaller bottles for about £5.

Where can I buy it from?
Amazon, Boots (mainly in store, the website has a small selection only) and  Beauty Bay (I have never purchased from this website so I can't be held accountable for its' service)


  1. Ive never tried an Orly nail polish before! And I'm too scared to wear blues but woww that looks gorgeous! The glitteryness looks sooo pretty!! If they have something just as pretty and glittery in gold I'd buy it lol xx

  2. @Emma - they have loads of different colours!! I'm sure they have gold though :) Thank you btw xx

  3. Ahh I need this color in my life! Great review :)

  4. Oh so gorgeous! Reminds me of Across the Universe


  5. @MissShiv - thank you :)
    @Dawniepants - it's stunning - so intense and deep! xx

  6. oh wow this is so pretty!! I should get myself more Orly colours : O currently only have one >.<

  7. @Chococcuro - thanks!! Definitely xx

  8. That colour looks gorgeous! I love the sparkle, so pretty. Love your blog, hun! xxx

  9. Wow, gorgeous nail polish! I love Orly so much, it's currently my favourite brand of nail polish. x

  10. such a pretty colour!

  11. I love these posts! They are so adorable.

  12. Hey! Just discovered your blog. Hope you had a fab birthday! Would love for you to check out mine & if you love please follow & I'll be happy to follow you back.
    Happy weekend xoxo


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