Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lil Miss Reminiscent: 2011 in photos :)

 Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy each and everyday! :)

2011 was a beautiful year - obviously there were many ups and downs (although more ups). I finished my placement in September and entered fourth year in end of September (which I am currently in). Here are some photos:

I turned the fabulous age of 21 in January :)

 My friends and I :) We were all meant to pout.. guess I was the only one who did it lol!

I received a DSLR  for my birthday - which I LOVE using! I have a passion for photography now :)

Some of my favourite photos:

I also met up with some beautiful friends who I met through blogging (Can't find photos) Kaushal, Sriya, Gulnit, Tass, Aysha and Amina - let me know if I have forgotten you ;) 

In February (over a month late), I finally received my birthday presents! My brother and sister bought me 21 presents! How lovely! :)

March and April were stressful months because I had to practise for my practical exams, as well as study and work 6 days a week! I don't know how I survived! 

In April, India won the Cricket World Cup! This event made my year! I cried (due to being happy) because the last time they won was 28 years ago! I went out to celebrate and it was amazing! I didn't expect India to do that well!!

I also found some time to go clubbing (something which I have NO energy for right now lol)

My favourite dress :) 
My sister and I :) 

In July, I went on a girls holiday to Zante, Greece which I loved, but I don't think I could ever do a clubbing holiday again! My clubbing days are happily over! 
Clubbing in Zante

2 weeks later, in July, I went to Morocco with my family. I've always wanted to go to Morocco. It is such a beautiful country, with an enriching culture. 

Quad biking in the desert.
Mosque in the centre of town.
Near the souks
Climbing down the mountain! My fear of heights was tested here.
Being massaged ;)
After Morocco, I sported a lovely tan! I celebrated my gorgeous nephews 1st birthday in August. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos with him because he fell asleep!

My outfit :)
My sister and I :)
I also realised I love going out to eat and watching movies! My aim is to discover some new restaurants or cafes this year!
Vapianos - try it!
I love frozen yoghurt!
Indian food
Kipferl - I can't wait to go back!

In September, I attended London Fashion Week! I was in the same room as Naomi Campbell, Olivia Palermo, Lisa Eldridge and Matthew Williamson. Thank you Halpern PR for inviting me!
Naomi Campbell speaking
Spot the celebrities! 
The fashion show
In September, I also went to Manchester with my friends to enjoy freshers week (although I am far too old to be a fresher lol) I also went back to uni a week later!

In October, I celebrated my mothers 50th birthday in a restaurant. We booked out the bottom floor, and filled it with our loved ones. It was a brilliant night!

My mother and I.
I am trying to do the Inbetweeners 'Ooh Friend' pose.
I also celebrated the Hindu festival of Navratri - which lasts for 9 days (although I only celebrated it for 2 days!)
Caught in the middle of dancing.
October was probably the worst month for me. We had a big loss in the family :( and I had the flu :( I haven't had the flu for years, and I hated being in bed for 6 days straight! I couldn't eat, go out, exercise or even have the energy to watch TV!

In November, I went to the Rihanna concert with my brother and sister. This was the first concert I've ever been to!

And I also celebrated my brothers 18th (so many milestones this year...)

I also went to a comedy night for my friends birthday! I need to go to another this year.

End of November and December basically included lots of studying! I had two tests just before the holidays so I was pretty stressed out!

Christmas and New Years were celebrated at home with my family. I overindulged (naturally) so I'm working out hard to regain my figure back lol

Hope you all had a fab year! If not, there's always 2012!


  1. Nice post with great photos. Which camera did you get?

  2. Loveee this post!!! You look so pretty in the photos and I'm getting more and more jealous of all your Indian outfits! Sorry about your loss...and I hope u have another amazing year this year!!! xxxx

  3. Awww gorge photos! You your mum and sister all look so lovely together. Looks like a brilliant year

  4. @Mrs Superwoman - thank you! Canon 500d :)
    @Emma D - aww thank you - you're so sweet :)
    @Dawniepants - aww thank you xx

  5. Wow what a great year through photos! I can't say that mine was as fun but as you said there's always 2012. Morocco is on my to visit list! Love the pics of you and your sis :) x

  6. Aww thank you Parveen :) xx

  7. Lovely photos, seems like you had a great year. :) 2011 was great for me to, probably one of the best years of my life, but I'm hoping 2012 will be better because there were some times when I was really down. It's not looking good at the moment though, I've had such a bad start to the year. :( You're gorgeous by the way! <3

  8. Awww lovely post hun! Loved looking through all the piccies, looks like you've had a fantabulous year! Here's to another fab one & hopefully will get to meet your lovely self again soon! Thank you for the mention sweety :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. @Summer - thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you have a fab New year :) Even though you've had a bad start, but remember, the only way is up! :) xx

    @Aysh - aww thank u!! You're welcome - i hope I see u too xx

  10. It was lovely meeting you too last year <3

  11. Wonderful pictures, apparently your 2011 was great, also I adore the dress you had on when you turned 21, amazing color! Your blog is lovely by the way and I am a new follower! Hope you will like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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