Wednesday, 1 December 2010

:) Lil Miss Pondering: In and Out (November) =


I am loving the snow. I love looking at it! It makes my road look so pretty :) I also like the fact that I can go home early from uni and such :) However, I hate walking on it because I always slip. I really hope that we get a white Christmas in the UK this year. 

I love Christmas time. I love how happy everyone is and I also love looking at the beautiful decorations that people put up. It truly is a merry time. I also love the fact that Christmas is falling on the weekend so we get Monday and Tuesday off :) Woohoo! Moreover, I love eating mince pies and spending time with the family. I try to cherish Christmas time as much as I can. 

Sleek Contour Kit
I've been loving the Sleek Contour Kit! I wore it pretty much every day in November. I have chubby cheeks and I've always wanted to have high cheekbones. This gorgeous product fakes it for you. Obviously mine are not as defined as the model above lol! I'm going to do a full review on this very soon so watch this space....

            Pink Lipstick
I have been loving experimenting with different lip colours as of late! I've been wearing a lot of different shades of pink recently. My favourites being Nyx Tea Rose, Mac Ever Hip L/S and Mac Magnetique Lipglass (I bought this in last years Xmas collection). I used to wear a lot of Mac Freckletone L/S and Mac Cherish L/S but I've been loving bolder colours - perfect for winter in my opinion. 

 I have been loving all sorts of perfumes lately. I really want to purchase Dolce and Gabbana 'The One' and DKNY 'Night Delicious'. They smell really strong and spicy! My HG perfume is Pink Sugar by Aquolina but I really want to venture out in the world of perfumes - it's highly populated too lol!

Skin care

I've recently been experimenting with different skin care. I've got a few spots on my jaw line and I've been trying hard to remove them. All the different products have made it worse so I've gone back to my usual routine (Clean and Clear face wash, rose water toner, Nivea Soft Moisuriser) and my skin is healing. My sister never even takes off her makeup at night and she has the most perfect, enviable skin! I've decided to stop buying any more skin care products, drink more water, eat better and stress less about my skin! Also, Sudocream seems to work wonders in removing redness lol :) 

I really don't like X-factor this year! There is not much talent as there used to be. I think Rebecca is amazing! Cher Lloyd seriously annoys me - she can rap but she can't sing. Even Cheryl Cole annoys me - her rant towards Wagner was so mean and personal, her true colours came out that day! I actually went to the X-factor auditions this year and it all seemed like a fix. It's all about what Simon Cowell wants lol. Oh and Zain Malik is gorgeous - I know he's way younger than me but I'm only looking :P lol


I do love shopping - which girl doesn't? However I also love saving (I can be really stingy sometimes lol). This month is going to be a month of indulgence - lots of parties, buying outfits for the parties and last of all - presents. I am quite generous when it comes to presents - I just love looking at someones reaction when they unwrap the wrapping paper but I'm going to be quite frugal this year. I rather save for a better future. It's the thought that counts anyway :P

What are your ins and outs? x


  1. awww i love christmas and all the snow. Im from Norway so we always get snow here, but its sooooo cold outside haha.

    Im loving your blog, im definitely a new follower :)

    xoxo Christine

  2. I am so excited for Christmas too!! I agree with you about the shopping, never hurts to save a little. :)

  3. @Christine - it must be so beautiful in Norway!! I hate how cold it is too!! I love being inside during winter time :) Thank you for your lovely comment too :) xx

    @ A la moda - Only 24 days to go woohoo! For the first time in like 6 years I've got an advent calender lol! Yup saving is definitely worth it xx

  4. omg i hate x-factor too,it gets on my bloody nerves!
    and i agree,even though i dont celebrate christmas i still love this time of year coz everyone is soo happy xx

  5. Great post! It's freezing here, I don't want to leave the house :P Looking forward to the Sleek contour palett review :D

  6. Hey Roshni....Great Post Lovey, Its freezing down south. Don't worry i'm always falling over in the snow...I have no luck at all...If it hurts use Radox Bath Salts...I just posted about how great it was for me. Have a look,

  7. Love reading this post, ps. which rose water toner do u use? x

  8. Hey, great post! I am not feeling X Factor this year either. I have been on the hunt for a different perfume yet but played it safe again- I defo need to change it up!
    x x x

  9. I agreee....gotta love contouring! I suffer with chubby cheeks too and find contouring such a BIG help!(=

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    Nice blog u got there :)
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    Thanks :)
    And keep up the good work!

  11. amazing post!! check out my channel :D

  12. You definitely don't have chubby look beautiful in all your pics :)

  13. Hi girl! I was wondering what color you have in the Sleek countor kit?

  14. @Sabina - i cant wait for Britains got talents - thats wayyy better!!

    @l - it should be coming soon =D oh and i hate the weather now!

    @Nilufar - okie dokie i'll have a look! thanks for the tip :) xx

    @Beeroyal - it's by the brand 'TRS' its acutally meant to be used in cooking lool! However it is a great toner and totally works on me! I was going to buy the Botanics one but it has got alcohol in it and it might aggravate my sensitive skin!

    @Gloria - thanks :) Just go to the perfume shop and test outs load of perfumes.. but buy them online (way cheaper lol)

    @makeupbykatie - i love having cheekbones.. even if they are fake lol!

    @tessa - thank you! i will check ur blog out hun xx

    @Zafiro - thank u :) x

    @Liparazzi - thank you.. ur soo sweet :) (trust me my cheeks are incredibly chubby..especially when i smile lol)

    @Helen og gutta - Medium! It looks dark but when i blend it on my face it looks fine :) xx

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  16. I don't know anyone who wouldn't love Christmas, I am really looking forward to it. I think shopping is out as well, I have been spending recently and I think now its the time to save some money.

  17. I love this post! :)
    D&G the one is amaaazing! <3
    Gotta agree with you on the Sleek contour kit.. It's my favourite! Makes me feel like I have cheekbones when I don't haha!
    I'm not loving x factor this year either.. I really don't know why I watch it!
    Do you have twitter by the way??

    - Sriya xx

  18. I started to read your blog.
    I think that you are not against it.
    I like it so much
    You can read my blog too is you wanna
    it will be great

    kisses :*

  19. ooh I love this post :)
    nearly all yuor ins and outs are the same as mine!! x

  20. I love that cup of hot choco with the gingerbread/choco house thing. enter my giveaway? x hivennn.

  21. I love Christmas and the snow too, Just not when it turns to ice! :p xoxo

  22. @fvictim - okie dokie :) xx

    @fashionabroad - I know some people who arent looking forward to it! I guess some people arent into the festive season. In my opinion it's the best time of the year :)

    @Sriya - hun.. you already have amazing cheekbones!! I do have Twitter but I rarely use it. I shall reinstate back soon :) xx

    @Polina - thank you :) what do u mean by ' u r not against it?' lol xx

    @R may A - hi5**

    @Jazzy E - it is such a gorgeous photo!! xx

    @Katie - yh hate the ice! I havent slipped yet *fingers crossed*


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