Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Lil Miss Generous: Giveaway winner!!

Hi guys!

Hope everyone is well!

Thank you to those who entered the Mac giveaway! There were over 100 entries! 

The winner of the Mac lipstick and eyeshadow giveaway is: 'Sarahatblusherobsession!'

 Congratulations darling! I am going to be contacting you via email!!


  1. Aww, Congratulations Sarah!

    And thank you Honey-Bee for hosting such a gorgeous Giveaway! :) xxx

  2. eeeeppppp!so damn excited!

    thanks zainab and brittany

    and millions of thanks to rosh!

  3. awesome :) Congrats

  4. Hi there,

    your blog is great! Please have a look at my fashion blog too. Pretty Portobello blog.

    See you soon.x

  5. hey roshni... this is so weird but i was reading your blog last night and then i had a dream about u LOL! not stalker-ish at all i promise lol! it was soo weird, like you came to my house and needed makeup (obvs makeup had to be there somewhere) cause you left urs at home and u had to go somewhere and i dont even know what else lol!!! thought id tell u haha
    hope your well! xo

  6. congrats to the winner :) i love that picture those cookies look so friggen cute!

  7. @Emma - LOOOL that is super funny hahahahaha so random too! Did i look nice in ur dream? haha only joking!! hope you're well too :) xxxx

    @Donna - i know.. the photo is making me hungry xx


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