Sunday, 5 December 2010

Lil Miss Shopoholic: Fancy little haul %

Hi guys! I went shopping today - naughty me - I actually intended to go sari shopping for my 21st birthday but I went to Primark instead!!

I always find nice things in Primark - people who judge Primark because it's so cheap don't know what they're missing out on!!

This dress is actually from Time. It's a cheapish shop that I always thought was quite tacky. My sister made me go in and I found this very beautiful dress! I love it.. and it was only £20!!!

 I also bought these gorgeous little boots from Primark. They are soo comfy and very cheap at £12!

 I bought these stunning earrings from Primark for a mere £3! I love them - I saw similar ones in New Look too!

 I love this top! You can wear it during day or night time. During day time I would team it up with jeans and night time with tight black leggings and high heels ;) This is also from Primark and cost only £8 :)

Random Face of the Day :)

What did u get up to during the weekend? 

Love from Roshas xx


  1. The dress is so lovely, i would wear it for a night out or like a tunic with leggings for a comfy look!:) Great haul.

  2. I love the dress. It looks gorgeous in the picture, I bet it looks even better in real life. :)
    How long is it?

  3. SNAP with the boots ;) LOVE them!
    That dress is gorgeous Rosh!
    Beautiful FOTD too xx

  4. @Ellymakeupbag - im thinking of wearing it with bare legs - im going to freeze!!!

    @Maria - its up to my knees i think! I'll wear it with heels so it will probably be a little bit shorter?

  5. @Sriya - aww thank u :) they are well comfy isn't it? I can't wait to wear the dress!! I cant believe its from TIME!! aww thank you ur soo sweet! xxx

  6. you look gorgeous hun! I love primark too :) and that dress is preety!

  7. @Shifa - thank you beautiful :) Primark is awesome - wish they had an online shop though! xx

  8. Loooooveeee the natural FOTD :) & that dress is uber nice :)

    Kaushal xx

  9. The dress is hot! ANd Primarni power always! x x x

  10. i really really love that dress!

  11. Lovely stuff you got. Love those boots, I got the same only in a lighter color :)

  12. looove everything that you bought. Wish they had Primark here :)

    xo Christine


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