Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lil Miss Greedy: Things I want :$

...because I love all things leopard print :)
...because I need to sort of my stomach before my holiday!

...because I think it looks pretty (and I've always wanted a knuckle duster ring..or whatever it's called!)

..because I love off-shoulder dresses..and I haven't got a coral dress in my collection :)

...because it looks chic and sophisticated.

..because it smells fruity, sweet and fresh. Yummy :) store my lunch food in :) (random I know LOL)

...because Sriya and I fell in love with it during our shopping was like love at first 'sniff' LOL

What do you want?

*All images from the links provided!


  1. All things from River Island are great pics hun! I love their stuff too :) oh my! You're gona try a new workout dvd now :O :p keep us updated! I finally recovered from that body sore you know lmao :P

  2. I have the River Island Satchel, love it!!

    Sadie x

  3. @Shifa - i love River Island - it's a bit pricey for me though! Yeah I'm bored with my new ones.. I find the 30 day shred a bit easy now.. apart from level 3..only cos I've done it soo much! I'm so sorry for indirectly giving you a body sore! i want to start Pilates.. make sure you do a review on your one :) hehe xxx

  4. @Sadie - you're so lucky - it's GORGEOUS! xx

  5. Ahh that Yankee Candle smelt UH-MAZE-ING!!
    I had the RI satchel and it broke so I returned it - Not impressed!

  6. ALSO, I LOVE that dress :D I have the same one in a nude/pink colour :) xx

  7. That watch and satchel are gorgeous! x

  8. @Sriya - i swear we have the same style! We looked like clones at the NBBE LOL! Oh yeah the satchel is rubbish quality - damn you RI!! Is ur dress from BooHoo too?

    @StyleFrost - the watch is gorgeous :):) i've heard the satchel is poor quality! what a shame! xx

  9. I love black cherry. It smells amazing! xx

  10. wow wow wow! loving the bag,watch and ring! may have to treat myself this week to these! ^.^ xx x

  11. Holy Smokes....I love Love love the watch...thanks for posting this. i'm going to be on the hunt for it. Check out my blog think you may enjoy it.

  12. really cool awesome blog babes x

  13. I want some Yankee candles... ! xx

  14. That satchels gorgeous <3 and that lunchbox so cute ...!
    My friend has the jillian dvd, her stomach is flat as a pancake.



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