Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lil Miss Sisterly: FOTN featuring my sister!

I gave my sister a makeover last night. Actually, I usually do her makeup before she goes on a night out!



Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC42
Mac Moisture Cover concealer in NC30 (My one!) for under eyes
Garnier tinted roll on for under eyes (for extra coverage!)

Sleek Contour Powder in Medium.
Elf blushing rose blusher.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Barry Dazzle dust in no.25 all over the lid.
Mac Cork eyeshadow on the crease.
Mac Espresso eyeshadow on the outer corners and under the eyes.
Sleek Storm Palette (black eyeshadow) on the outer V and under the eyes.
Mua eyeshadow in Pearl in inner corners of the eyes.
Elf gel eyeliner on lash line.
Loreal mascara on bottom lashes.
Ardell lashes (no. 103)

Rimmel lipstick in Red Fever

I think she looked amazing! I was actually going to do a nude lip on her but she insisted she wore red! Even though it looks OTT it looks great - perfect for night time! I've never actually worn a red lip - but one day I'm going to pluck up the courage and go for it! 

Oh and here's me yesterday! I took so many photos..and came to one conclusion: DSLR cameras bring out all of your flaws!  (Please excuse the hair! It's always messy!)


  1. Omg - she looks like a complete differant person, amazing!!! xxx

  2. LOL definitely! See what makeup can do :P haha xx

  3. awh she looks lovely! So true about DSLR's haha evil. xx

  4. Love that she went for a red lip & not a nude. LOL at DSLR's bringing out all your flaws.. I know what you mean. You look cute still

  5. @Monika - I actually thought they would make me look better! FAIL lol!

    Saimese - thank you! Yeah i always prefer nude but I think red looked amazing on her!

  6. She looks so different!! Oh god, I am saving for a DSLR, if they bring out every flaw I'm not sure if I want one anymore! Maybe something with some sort of magical skin smoothing effect... lol xx

  7. Oh my gosh! Chandni looks UH-MAZE-ING! She defo knows how to rock red lips! ;-)

    Also your skin looks flawless! xx

  8. OMG she looks sooo glamorous uv done a fab job and u look great hun, wat dslr do u av?? im thinking of investing in one!

  9. she looks lovely both ways hun but you did an awesome job! and the pics are great. I want one too now!

  10. @Emily - Maybe I'll use PhotoShop LOL ! Other than that.. DSLR's are amazing! Highly recommend them!

    @Sriya - thank you! Chandni always says thank you!

    @Amina - thank you! I'm becoming more confident in doing other peoples makeup! I have the Canon 500d DSLR - it's great for beginners! xxx

    @Get Gawjus - she's lucky - she's got flawless skin! Deffo buy one - they are amazing! xx

  11. The camera so does NOT highlight your flaws... you look lovely and so does your sister! xx

  12. oh wow you really did amazing work on your beautifull sister...she looks look perfect aswell...that camera does not show your flaws at have none

  13. she's gorgeous and love the outfit also !

  14. sweet bajeezus! She looks bloomin amazing :O she remind me of an asian anna kendrick in the second pic lol good job babe xx

  15. Wow, she looks completely different!! She looks lovely :) xx

  16. There's deff a big difference:)

  17. wow, what a change! You girls are both so beautiful! XOXO

  18. thank you all for your lovely comments :) you guys are soo sweet xxx


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