Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lil Miss Outgoing: My fab weekend with two different looks :$

Hi guys! Hope you're having a fab weekend! I'm going to be working every Saturday for the next 3 weeks - so I cherished this weekend as much as I could!
My best friend and I went to  a restaurant called 'Las Iguanas' - the food wasn't very tasty, it was quite pricey for the quality and the waiters were SO rude! My friend and I spent ages in the restaurant (we were still eating) and the waiter's kept coming over and asking if we had finished. HOW RUDE? There were plenty of seats available in the restaurant too. I will never go there again!

The lipstick I'm wearing is Barry M lipstick in number 62 (Vibrant Pink) topped up with the Body Shop Oui Oui Oui lip butter (to make the lipstick seem less bright).

 My outfit:
 Blazer: Primark. Vest top: River Island Jeggings: Primark. Boots: Primark (I do love Primark LOL)

I straightened my hair two days ago.. tied it in a bun.. and it turned out like this :) Not bad eh? ;)

In the evening, we went to celebrate the Indian festival of Holi at our cousins house. I was meant to wear Indian attire - but I didn't have anything nice to wear :( Here's my outfit:
Cardi: No idea, it was a gift. Vest: River Island. Jeggings: Primark. Boots:Primark

Funnily enough, I toned down my makeup for the evening. I added green eyeshadow all over the lid as well as brown eyeshadow on the crease, and wore Mac Peachstock Lipstick with Mac Freckletone Lipstick :) 

My sis and I pretending to be vampires. We also do goofy things like that :)

Today, I just spent the whole day studying and watching cricket. YAY India won (I'm sorry if I annoyed you guys on Twitter haha!) 

How was your weekend? xxx


  1. Happy Holi, that BarryM lipstick looks gorgeous on you x x

  2. I love your lipstick, it looks so pretty on you :) Wish we had Barry M here in Norway :)

  3. @The Dollymix Diaries - happy holi! And thank you xx

    @Christine - thank you! You can always order online xx

  4. Lol.. we all have those days where we're head to toe in primark! I agree about las iguanas.. the first time I went there I thought it would be on par with places like wagamamas but its not that great. You're hair is lovely.. I recently had to chop off loads of mine because the ends got really bad. xx

  5. @Zahra - Chiquitos is WAY better! I'm craving their chimichanga lol. Thank you - my hair is really damaged though - my ends are so split! I'm going to have a trim soon (hopefully only 3 inches max lol) xx

  6. I bought a blazer just like that the other day, except mine is striped with a dark blue liner!

  7. Babe, would you help me getting that lipstick?!!!! :D i really want that color! I can get u what ever u want from LA that is not available there :) PM me!

  8. You and your sis are so cute! Love the lippie ♥

  9. Love the Lippy!! And I Haaaave them Booooots! :)

  10. beautiful, lovin the lippy and ur silly poses! :)

  11. I love the lip combo! :) xx

  12. you make sure pretty vampires :D I am a die hard twilight fan btw!

    I can't stand rude staff too you know :/ just puts me off the place.

  13. Lovely lippie colour, you look so pretty! xx

  14. haha love the pics hun, you look gorguz! So jealous of your lovely long hairs! ;) The lippie looks fab on ya too :) Hope you had a fab day sweety :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  15. i went to las iguanas for my birthday in november and we ordered mains at like 9ish. and at 10.30 - still nothing! and when we kept asking no-one would get back to us. and then FINALLY at 10.30 when we asked they told us they had forgotton to give our order in to the kitchen!!! was ridiculous! but they gave 15people dessert for free so that was nice lol
    anyway i lovee the pink lippie and the primark blazer - they both look so nice on you!!!

  16. @Kenzie - i want that - my ones too big and i LOVE dark blue hehe xx

    @Rinz - i'll PM you x

    @Vikki - thank youx

    @Bettzy - it certainly is :D

    @Livia - thank you xx

    @PinkSweetz - those boots are pretty popular - most of my friends have them LOL

    @Amina - aww thank you! We just love posing lol

    @Sriya - thank you x

    @Shifa - should watch Vampire Diaries - it's even better :) and thank you for the lovely compliment!

    @Tass - aww thank u xx
    @Aysh - thank you - it needs a cut's well overdue!

    @EmmaDee- thats ridiculous - i hate that place!! And thank you xx

  17. Oh wow, you can surely rock that lippie!!

  18. Awesome blog! EW, i hate rude waiters, like hellooo? do you WANT a tip?? guess not.. AND i have both peachstock and freckletone lipsticks and i never thought of mixthing them both, but i will DEF. be trying! also ill def. be subscribing to your blog!

    BTW, check out my blog! Its still young & growing, so keep checking back for more updates! :D


  19. love the first pic that lipstick looks hot :D

  20. Ooooooh, the lipstick is gorgeous! You should deffo be braver and try it without the oui oui lip balm, c'moooon, you know you can do it! :D

    Love that Blazer. I used to have it but not sure where it is. :s baaah xo

  21. oh my gosh!! just found your blog- you are so so pretty girl!!

  22. thank you everyone for your lovely comments :)

    @Halima - good idea! I will try it hehe xx

  23. Definately need to check out the bary m colour they always seem so dry when applied to the lips but as u topped it with somethin it looks moisture rich lol xxx

    Danniella @

  24. i love that lip combo, im going to buy both tomorrow I need to stop reading blogs :| x


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