Friday, 18 March 2011

Lil Miss Lippy: My lip combo of the day :)

Hi guys! I've been sporting all sorts of lip colours lately - nudes, reds, corals and pinks.

Today, I couldn't make up my mind! I started off by wearing 'Tea Rose' by Nyx (my favourite 'Drug Store' lipstick) and then decided that it didn't complement my makeup.

I then put 'Max Factor's Pink Brandy' lipstick on and created this pinky-corally look:

  Nyx Tea Rose - I would describe it as a medium pink with mauve-ish undertones on my lips.

Max Factor Pink Brandy Lipstick -I would describe it as a dark coral with hints of pink on my lips.

 Tea Rose + Pink Brandy =

Note: My Mac Shade is C4 (I'm very yellow toned). I think that this a nice colour for the day time. It's not over the top.. and not too pale either. Blue toned lippies don't really suit me - so this is a nice alternative.

I love mixing lip colours to make a gorgeous new shade! Does anybody else do this?

Love from Roshas xxx

*Sorry about the rubbish photos.. I didn't use flash and then the photos ended up looking real dull. I ended up adding light to the background.. and it's completely washing out the colours.  I tried to take swatch photos but they looked horrible!


  1. Mm this combination looks really pretty :) a wearable bright coral pink x

  2. I do that with Avons, Pink Sunrise, and Rimmels Wave!! Makes sucha a nice pinky nude colour!! Love your look! x

  3. @Princesa Livia - Thank you! It's not as bright as St. Germain lipstick by Mac (I still don't know why I purchased it lol)

    @PinkSweetSz - thank you :D You don't have to buy lots of lipsticks.. it's all about mixing ;) hehe x

  4. Omg, Tea Rose in the pic looks completley different to how it actually is! Lol.

    I also adore Tea Rose and it's one of my faves :)

  5. so pretty love a good lip combo!

  6. Lovely lip combo! :X

  7. I mix colours ALLLLLLLLLL the time! Hehe xx

  8. Love the combo :) I mixed 3 lipsticks the other day haha! xx

  9. @Saira - must be my rubbish photography LOL x

  10. @At everyone else - thank u :) and keep on mixing them lipsticks ;) hehe x


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