Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lil Miss Busy: Reading week (in photos!) :$

Hi guys, I had my reading week last week. Reading week is basically a week off in between term (it's meant to be for 'studying'). I am super sad that it is over though - it always goes by so quickly! As I had a bit more time than usual, I took some photos :)

I went to work on Monday, and studied hard on Tuesday! I can only write neatly with a fountain pen and I love using post it notes to highlight important information!

I went to a comedy club on Tuesday night for my friends birthday. I loved it! I have never been to a comedy club before but I am looking forward to going to some more. They say laughter is the best medicine...

 The rest of the week involved studying during the day (as well as a spot of procrastination!). I cheered myself by buying a Glade candle, in the scent of 'relaxing Zen'. There was a buy 1 get 1 free offer - which I always fall for ;)

 On Friday evening, I decided to watch 'The Notebook' for the first time. It was such a fabulous film! I cried literally like five times, and woke up with puffy eyes the next day! I highly recommend this film!

I went to work on Saturday. I was late to work by 30 minutes (the tubes, trains, buses were all having problems!) I was so annoyed that I kept moaning on the bus lol

 On Saturday evening, I went to a swanky wedding reception in the Sheraton hotel. It was literally the most magnificent wedding reception I have ever been too! Lets just say, if it was on Four Weddings, the couple would have won ;)

There were 17 courses altogether. I have never eaten so much dinner in my life. I was also stuffing myself with sweets! There was also an open bar (I don't drink though), and we had two waiters assigned to our table. They were pouring our glasses with water and pushing our chairs back so we could sit. I felt like royalty!

    Every table was assigned a name in the form of a 'Sweet', and that particular sweet was given to each guest. Guess what I was given ;)
This was the outfit I wore to the wedding reception! I literally came back from work, and had to get ready in less than an hour! I hate rushing - it totally extracts the fun of getting dolled up! 

 All in all, my week was lovely! Next week is going to be busier and I will be taking lots of photos ;) 

 How was your week?


  1. LOOOOVEEEEEE your outfit!!! x

  2. Love the color of our outfit :)

  3. beautiful photos, are those parma violet sweets? I love you outfit on the last photo you look stunning :)


  4. @Mz A - thank u :)
    @The Cosmetic Crave - thank you and yes they are :) I LOVE them! xx

  5. You look gorgeous! I have the same folder as you! Its woolworths or whsmith! Sooooo old!!


  6. I haven't written with a fountain pen for so longg, I still my favourite one ever from year 5 - Parkers lol!
    Omg can't believe that was the first time u watched the notebook! It's one of my favourite films ever - totally get you on crying your eyes out haha!
    You look gorgeous in the photo - wish you hadn't blurred your face though! xx

  7. You seriously have the nicest indian clothes!! I need to take you indian clothes shopping with me! :P

    Also, the reception pics look AMAZING!! xxx

  8. @Mangowhirl - I think it's from WH Smith! Lol thanks!
    @Emma D - LOL I love Parkers but mine always breaks lol! I can't believe it too - I want to watch the Notebook again! Thank you - trust me I look horrid in that photo!
    @Sriya - aww thank you! We should go haha xx

  9. A 17 course meal literally sounds like a dream come true!x

  10. The colour of your outfit is absolutely stunning! Love the work on the front of it too, so elegant x


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