Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lil Miss Made Up: Products I have been using recently :)

As I have a lot of makeup, I feel compelled to constantly change my makeup routine. Here are some products that I have been using recently:

 Products for the face:  
Can you see the difference between Mac C40 and C4?
A few months ago, I somehow managed to purchase the wrong shade of foundation. Instead of buying the MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in C40, I purchased it in C4. Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging so I couldn't even return it :( I did not want to waste the foundation therefore I decided to use it up, especially so as my tan has faded. I add bronzer on the contours of my face and blend it to my neck to prevent that 'two tone head and neck syndrome'. It doesn't even look bad in photos! :) The foundation on the left is in the shade C40, whereas the right is C4. C40 is more golden toned (it matches my skin colour perfectly) whereas C4 has more of a pink tone to it.

 The bronzer that I use to compensate the paleness of the foundation is Bourjois bronzer in no.51. I use the Mac 129 brush to sweep it across my forehead, cheekbones and on the jaw line! It adds a subtle warmth to my complexion. I really love this bronzer - it also smells of chocolates!

 I am definitely not into pink or red blushers - I prefer a more natural look and opt for warm bronze colours. You may have seen this in previous blog posts. I love the Mac Refined Golden Bronzer - it's got tiny particles of bronze in it to add a lovely sheen onto your cheeks. I actually apply this to the apples of my cheeks. This is the first cheek product I have ever repurchased! 

The next product I have been using a lot is the Garnier Roll on in the shade 'Medium'. I have had this for over 6 months and it is still going strong. The product doubles up as an eye cream and a concealer. It nourishes my under eye area and makes me feel more awake. The only problem is that the product does not stay on during the day, therefore I have to apply it again! When I had a tan, the product did look too light on me, so this colour is perfect for when my tan fades away.

Eye/ Brow products:

I have never been into brow products since an unfortunate event in 6th form. I used to wear brow pencil two shades lighter than my hair - and frankly, it looked ridiculous on me! I received the HD brows set in my Glossy Box. I did not use it for months, until I randomly decided to experiment with my eyebrows! The shades I use is the black shade (top, right) and the grey shade -(bottom, left) mixed together. I feel that the black by itself is too dark, therefore mixing it with the grey makes it more wearable. I only use it very slightly on my eyebrows. I have had a lot of compliments on my eyebrows since. I love this brow set so much! 

I haven't bothered with eye shadows recently - purely due to laziness. I simply wear Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner on the upper lid, lower lash line, add two coats of L'oreal Voluminous mascara, add a tiny bit of Daniel Sandler Mascara 'Baby Jet' on the outer lashes, and then add 'Art Deco eyeshadow in no.29' to my brow bones and inner corners (this is the only eyeshadow that lasts on my lids without any need for primer!)

 This is the Daniel Sandler Baby Jet mascara. It has a tiny, narrow wand which helps you lift up those hard to reach areas! It does not clump up my eyelashes, and makes sure that every eyelash has mascara on it ( I received this product in the Glossy Box).

Lip Products:
Did I mention that I love lipsticks? They can change your whole look! I have many MAC lipsticks, but I am starting to prefer my drugstore ones! Starting from the top: Revlon Lipstick in Pink Pout (A dupe for Mac Creme Cup). This lipstick is too light on my lips, so I add ' Max Factor Lipstick in 'Pink Brandy' to add a coral touch to it. The Max Factor Lipstick is my 'mixing' lipstick - I add it to different lipsticks to change the colour. It has a very creamy formulation and it pretty much lasts all day on my lips. The next lipstick I have been LOVING is Revlon lipstick in 'Cinammon Bronze'. I did not mention it in my Autumn products post, but this is the ultimate Autumn colour. It is a cross between red and orange on my lips - plus it is highly wearable.


  1. I haven't used my bourjois bronzer in so long, need to use so many up xx

  2. Love this Post! Im obsessed with my brows at the moment and would love to try the HD brows kit!

  3. @Lauren Rose - you need to - before it runs out of date ;)
    @PinkSweetSz - thank you! You need to - it's perfect! x

  4. Im like you too, i have so many products I change between them all and I always have new favourites. xxx

  5. I've been hearing so much about the HD Brows palette - I'll have to check it out now!

    Kisses, Melanie
    Beauty and Bows

  6. Such lovely products! I especially love the look of the lip products. Thanks for the great tip on the Mac Creme Cup dupe!

  7. we really like revlon products- we adore the colors ;-) pretty girl...
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  8. Cinnamon bronze looks so goodd!! I'm gonna have to check it out but is it more summery than wintery?
    Also seeing as you love oinks and browns for cheeks you HAVE to check out Luster blush by Nars!! Google swatches it's so gorgeous and I can imagine it looking really glowy and sun kissed and gorgeous on you!

  9. I meant pinks and browns*
    Haha autocorrect changed it to oinks loll!

  10. @TzeYien89 In a way it is good - but also very expensive!
    @Beauty and Brows - You definitely have to!
    @Penelope: You're welcome! Let me know if you try it out xx
    @Samescookiesdifferent - thanks! Revlon is totally worth the money!
    @Emma D - it's definitely more wintery - i don't see summer in it at all! I've heard of that - think i need to check it out again! xx

  11. So guna purchase the Revlon pink pout!!

    Ashlie x

  12. <3 the bourjouis bronzer.. i can never get over how nice it smells!!! Love the look of pink pout in these photos!

  13. It smells soo good - such a lovely warm colour too! x

  14. these all look great.. especially the lipsticks.. just found your blog and i love it. im definitely following.. keep it up x


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