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Lil Miss Opinionated: Products I love, like and dislike from Sleek *

Today I am going to review some products from Sleek makeup. Sleek is a brand based in the UK which is aimed at selling products for people of all skin colours. I first heard about this brand in 2009 and I think it is definitely one of the best drugstore brands in the UK! I have tried and tested quite a few products, so here is my verdict: 
Products I love from Sleek:
 I absolutely adore the Original Palette from Sleek. This retails at £6.49 and has 12 highly pigmented eye shadows. I love the purple and the bronze colours - and I have used this palette on a night out once. Unfortunately, I accidentally dropped the palette which caused the gold colour to disperse! (Luckily, I don't use gold eye shadows!) The eye shadows are not as pigmented as my Mac eye shadows, but nevertheless the palette is more than worth the price that you are paying for. The only downside is that the eye shadows can look kind of 'crumbly' on the lids - therefore make sure you always tap off any excess product.

The next product I love from Sleek is the contour palette. Here is my review of it. This palette currently retails at £6.50. The brown colour actually defines my cheekbones. I purchased the shade in medium, which is quite dark for me, but once I blend it away it looks presentable.

The next product I love is the Sleek highlighting powder in Peach Shimmer. This product retails at £6.49. Unfortunately I did not take a photo of it because it is in a rubbish state (I have dropped it several times). This highlighter is very pigmented and shows up well in photos :) Here is my review of it.

 Products I like from Sleek: 
I really like the Sleek shimmer dust in Vintage. This product currently retails at £3.05. It is a gorgeous bronze with a taupe-y tone to it. It is such a beautiful colour which photographs very well. The reason I don't love this product is because it is not very pigmented - I had to apply two layers of it. Furthermore, the dust is quite thick - making it quite difficult to apply.

The next product I like from Sleek is the pout polish in Electro Peach. This product retails at £4.30. I love the colour of this product - it is great for the summer. It looks like a peachy-orange on my lips. The reason I don't love the product is because it is full of parabens - and the pout polish is likely to get swallowed once on the lips. The other reason is because the pout polish does not condition the lips - therefore if you have dry lips it will simply accentuate the dryness.

Products I am not too keen on:

 The Sleek Kajal eyeliner used to be my all time favourite, but it doesn't last very long. This product retails at £4.30. The product crumbled up after a few months and now I can't even take the product out of the container. The eyeliner is quite pigmented but I prefer the Urban Decay one for intensity.

 Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac is not one of my favourite products either. This product retails at £4.30.  The colour simply does not suit me - I'm sure it would look great on other people but the warm pink clashes with my skin colour.

Sleek Palette in 'Storm' is one of my least favourite products (surprisingly).This retails at £6.49. I have seen many blog posts raving about this product - but I have not been able to create a nice look out of it. The matte shadows are too pigmented, which make them difficult to apply. None of the light shimmery products actually suit me - I only like the Cranberry colour (first eyeshadow in the second row). 

What do you think of Sleek products?

P.S - all the prices are from the Sleek website. They might sell it cheaper in Superdrugs. 
I am not affiliated with Sleek and all products were purchased with my own money.


  1. great post :) i actually wear pink cadillac everyday, i'm darker than you though. The electro peach looks really nice :) the contour kit is talked about so much, i'm gonna have to get myself one and check it out for myself!

  2. Maybe I should try it again and give it a go? I love the contour kit - it's so worth the price! xx

  3. I like the sleek storm palette- we have to wear neutral colours on our eyes for work and I thought it was pretty good :) I like the look of the lip pouts they look like they might smell really lovely to! X

  4. They smell soo good - like cocoa butter :) x

  5. the two lip balms look amazing!x

  6. That's soo weird I don't like the contour Kit at all but I can't live without the storm palette!!
    Was thinking of trying out the pout polishes but since they don't condition at all i won't bother!! xo

  7. I agree - the eyeliner broke as soon as I opened it!! :@ But the Contour kit is amazing! xx

  8. Great post! The original palette looks so pretty. I haven't tried their eyeliners, so thanks for the tip!

  9. Oh I love the storm palette, and of course the contour kit.. I've never tried any of the pout polishes or eyeliners! I'm really wanting their new brow kit, it looks amazing! x

  10. @Loretta - they are also very pigmented!
    @Tesa - thank you! :)
    @Emma D - You need to do some looks from the Storm palette - I need inspiration!
    @Sami - yeah it's rubbish and not worth 4 pounds!
    @Penelope - thanks :)
    @DaintyMakeup - I've seen that but none of the colours will suit me! Storm palette bores me i guess lol! x

  11. Hey Rosh!

    I LOVE the contour kit, but, I purchased the lighter one...but you`re much lighter than me and the medium looks good on you? I think I`ll have to purchase the medium one, now. I thought it would be too dark on me.

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the storm palette! Its how I started to experiment with eyeshadows. I like the last two colours on the top row and the first one the bottom row, with the matte black to intensify the outer corner.

    The product, I was most disappointed with was the newer neutral palette. It was definitely their attempt of the Urban Decay Naked Palette and the top row colours are not pigmented enough and was a huge disappointment, but I do use these palettes just to experiment with so not a big deal.

    And, I do agree, they look crumbly on the lids if you don`t tap off the excess.

    Love your blog <3

  12. I did a post a few days ago on a fotd with the storm palette!

  13. @MangoWhirl - if the lighter one looks good then stick with it! I am just confused at how to make a nice look out of it - trust me I've tried!! Thank you for the lovely compliment btw x
    @Emma D - yay thanks! xx


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