Friday, 10 February 2012

Lil Miss Charitable: Avon Empowerment Necklace +

 In celebration of International Women's Day (which is on 8th March), Alesha Dixon, Beauty and Empowerment Ambassador for Avon is launching its new Empowerment necklace and the ‘Pass it On’ initiative.

Shockingly one in four women in the UK experiencing domestic violence in their lifetime, Alesha is calling on people to wear and share the new Avon Empowerment Necklace, which aims to drive support and solidarity for the domestic violence cause. 

Funding for these women’s charities has been cut by 31% and sadly last year on an average day 230 women were turned away from refuges because there was not enough space for them.

The necklace retails at £3.50 and will be available through the Avon website and all proceeds go towards Avon’s domestic violence charity partners Refuge and Women’s Aid.

By wearing and sharing the necklace, we can all help to fund vital support services, so that women can live free from violence.  

The necklace will also look make a beautiful addition as part of your jewellery collection.

The necklace will be available in March 2012, from the Avon website.


  1. Great post. Love the idea. The necklace is cute!! xxx

  2. Such a cute necklace for such a great cause. I didn't know the statistics were 1 in 4 - that is shocking and shockingly disgusting! I'm defs gonna get it in March and will pass on the word to my friends!! great post rosh xx

  3. Great cause, will definitely be getting one! Thanks for the heads up :) x

  4. Love that necklace really cute and elegant

  5. @Meaw - thank you!
    @Emma D - yeah it's pretty high - so sad :( Thank you for helping the cause xx
    @Parveen - no problem xx
    @Sugar - it's so beautiful xx

  6. i want! will you be my avon representative? lol


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