Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Lil Miss Hearty: Healthy lifestyle Part 2 %

I am back again with another healthy eating post. I have avidly been snapping away at the healthy treats that I have been consuming! For me, eating healthily isn't just about losing weight, it's also about my well being. Trust me, you will notice a difference once you start changing your eating habits!

Click here for part one. 

Here's what I have been eating/ doing in order to feel good:

Flaxseed contains Omega 3 - which is an essential fatty acid that is used by the body and can also help to maintain a healthy heart as well as improving your memory. Even though Omega 3 is a fatty acid, it does not mean it's bad for you! You need it, it's called 'essential fatty acid' for a reason! Flaxseed also contains protein, dietary fibre, lignans (these are high in antioxidants), iron (important for oxygen transport) and zinc (important for immune system function). I purchased this from Holland and Barrett, but you can also find it in major super markets. I add flaxseed to my cereals, smoothies, sandwiches and even curries (two dessert spoons daily). Since I have been consuming flaxseed I have noticed an increase in my energy levels! I am also starting to eat better because I know I will add flaxseed to it!

 On a different note, I received these two babies for Christmas. Just Dance 3 and Zumba Fitness 2 are dance games - and they are so addictive! The Just Dance 3 is very fun, whilst the Zumba one is more of a workout! If you don't like going to the gym, or using typical workout DVD, I suggest these! These make exercise so much more fun! 30 minutes of each DVD and I've accomplished something ;)

 I love snacking on almonds. I tend to have about ten a day! Almonds are a great source of manganese, vitamin E and magnesium (apparently, magnesium can make you feel happier). Almonds are great for your heart, brain as well as boosting your energy levels. Next time you're having a snack attack, eat almonds :) I suggest you buy them from an ethnic store - they are way cheaper!

Apple Cider Vinegar: 
I add a tiny amount and drink this with warm water and lemon. Apple cider vinegar has many benefits, some of which include: weight loss (it helps to break down fat), good for hair and nails (due to its' potassium content), helps regulate blood pressure and if applied to your hair, it can help prevent dandruff.

Pineapple chunks:
 When I eat out for lunch sometimes, I used to have a piece of cake or a cheesecake. Now I tend to replace naughty sweet treats with fruits. I love pineapple (although I do not care so much for canned ones). Pineapples are a great source of vitamin C and manganese. They are good for: your digestion, immune protection, helpful for throat infections and good for oral health.

If you have a sweet tooth, I would highly suggest granola! Granola is made up of raw nuts, fruit and rolled oats. I tend to eat mine with milk and blueberries. I also love eating it with Greek yoghurt (delicious!) granola will keep you fuller for longer due to the oats. I also recommend avoiding granola with added sugar - you want it to be as healthy as possible. Speaking of blueberries....

Blueberries are a great source of vitamin K, manganese and vitamin C. Blueberries also contain antioxidants, which we all need. Blueberries help with: boosting your immune system, reducing your risk of cancer as well as aid digestion. I love blueberries - they're so sweet and convenient to eat! I tend to eat the whole box in one go. You can also add them to cereals and smoothies.

Hope you found this post inspiring and useful! I can't tell you how good I feel, just by making small changes to my diet.

Next time you're eating something, think whether the food will benefit your body. Cakes, chocolates and fizzy drinks may taste good, but your body doesn't actually need them. They don't do any good for your body - so only eat them as treats.

Remember, you've only got one body, so make the most of it ;)

 Watch out for part 3....


  1. What a great post hun- thank you! It has been very useful to me as I am trying to shed some weight- I have completely given up on fizzy drink, chocolate, sweets, crisps and takeaway!(I miss red bull the most) I will definitely be buying flaxseed :-)

  2. love love love as always--- going to get some almonds tommorow!!! yummy badam lol x

  3. Excellent post, very helpful! Almonds are a great appetite suppressant as are apples. Most other fruits are quite high in sugar so apples are great to eat as a snack :) Also try slicing up an apple and dipping into low fat greek yoghurt - makes a yummy dessert! xx

  4. I LOVE ALMONDS! You need to write a book on how to keep motivated, your posts are so freaking inspirational! xo

  5. Great post Roshni! Your posts are always so inspiring :)


  6. @Shabina - well done you! Try not to completely give up the food that you love - you may want it even more! Instead, have it as a treat :) xxx

    @Ruby - thank you xxxx

    @Numera - aww thank you!! I'm going to try that - I love Greek yoghurt!

    @Halima - aww thank you - you're so sweet!

    @Shifa - aww thank you xxx

  7. YUMM! We're trying to be healthier too! This looks really amazingg! Going to have to try this!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out, if you'd like! :)

    ox from NYC,


  8. My health is suffering at the mo! Need to get the flaxseed and cider vinegar! Have you tried linseed its meant to be a great superfood which you can add to anything your eating? :) x

  9. @LPFashionPhilosophy- Let me know how it goes xx
    @Parveen - I want to try Linseed - I've heard it's really good too! I'll give it a try when I finish off flaxseed :) Let me know how they go xx

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  11. Great post :) I love your health tips! I'm really tempted to buy the Zumba for wii series now!

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  13. i love these health posts.. i have decided to go on a healthy diet as of today so gimme more!!

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