Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lil Miss Happy: Project Perfect +

I read Flaws and All's post regarding body image recently, and decided to take part in Project Perfect. It involves looking at your image in a positive way.

I think it's a great idea because I always put myself down about my looks - I constantly scrutinise every aspect of my body or face, and constantly try to fit into this ideal image. I have to admit though, I have started being much more confident recently - maybe it's a part of growing up?

To participate, all you have to do is:

1. Post a photo that you like of yourself and say in a couple of sentences why you like it.
2. State some things that you DON'T like yourself but say why others may love to be like that.
3. State 3 things that you DO like about yourself.
 1) My favourite photo of myself:
 I like this photo of myself because I feel that I look more elegant in Indian clothes. I always feel more comfortable when I am covered up. Also, I managed to do my makeup in 10 minutes - so I was pretty proud of myself ha ha :)

Three things that I don't like about myself, but turned into positives:

1) My hair. It's never looks so sleek and styled as other people. On the other hand, a lot of people have told me that they would love to have my hair as it's so thick and long.

2) My stomach. I have a typical 'apple' body shape, which means that my weight ends up in my stomach. This means - no bikinis (unless I workout pretty hard). Conversely, my arms and legs are slimmer - so at least there's a positive!

3) My cheeks. I have massive cheeks in comparison to my face. They make me look chubby when I smile - which is why I hardly smile in photos. On the other hand, I've been told I have a lovely smile and that my cheeks make me look younger. I do smile a lot in real life though he he.

Three things I like about myself:

1) My figure. Barring my stomach, I really do like my figure. I managed to lose nearly 2 stone, and I did it without giving up my favourite foods. Growing up, I was bullied about my weight, but I'm so glad I managed to do something about it. I take pride in eating healthily and working out - and it's made me a happier and stronger person.

2) My skin colour. I like that it's slightly golden - which means I don't have to tan ;)

3) My legs. I am lucky that my legs have always been quite slim (even when I was overweight!).

I really hope you all do this post :)


  1. What an inspiring post! You are gorgeous hun I really loved this post :) x

  2. Great post, you look beautiful :) xx

  3. love this post and that picture!

  4. Roshni we are so alike.. I'm so doing this post also.. your right Indian clothes look amazing anytime.. mines will probably be Indians also.. lol

    You are stunning lovely x

  5. I'm jealous of you hair! It's lovely! And I have big cheeks too but I've learnt to embrace them... People pay for cheek implants and we have them naturally :) xx

  6. @Numera - aww thank you xx
    @Sadie - thank you xx
    @Devea - thank you xx
    @Ruby - awesome - let me know when it's up! Aww thank you xx
    @Sami - only in photos :P that's so true!! xx

  7. love this post, you look stunning and v.elegant in the photo! Other than physical stuff something I really like about you (and am jels about lol) is that you're so disciplined with working out, no wonder you have an amazing figure! I wish i was like that xx

  8. LOL just read my comment i sound like such a lesbo - "other than physical stuff" - i meant the obvious fact that your gorgeous hahaha!

  9. @Emma - haha you're soo funny! I love your comments! I think I'm addicted to working out - if I don't do it, I feel tired and moody!! Once you start it's quite easy to carry on! :) XX

  10. Your hair looks great! And i'm sure you have a great smile :)

  11. You look gorgeous in that picture!

  12. You look lovely in your sari, I wish I could look like that when I wore one. Can you put one on yourself - I have to get my mum to help lol. I love yout blog its fab and I'm just started following you

    I have one too xx

  13. I think we are very similar lol! I have the fattest cheeks ever! So difficult to work with haha x you look gorgeous x

  14. @Nisha - thank you x
    @Anika - aww thank you! I'm sure you look gorgeous! I can't wear it by myself - my mum does it. I need to learn lol!
    @PinkSweetz - aww thanks! I guess chubby cheeks make you look younger - which is always a plus x

  15. it was a great post i enjoyed reading

    m new follower i would love if you follow back


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