Saturday, 25 February 2012

Lil Miss Happy: 100 things no. 4 +

I'm back again with more things that make me happy. Click here to see the others. 

Christmas time. It's such a magical time <3 People generally seem happier too...

India, where I am originally from - it's so beautiful <3 I can't wait to visit it again.
Home decor. I've recently taken a keen interest in shabby chic furniture.
Pancakes - I mean, who doesn't love pancakes?

Ian Harding. This is the reason why I watch Pretty Little Liars.
Old people. I love talking to them - we have a lot to learn from them...
Helping people - nothing brings me more joy than this :)

Although I have never been on one, I 've always wanted to. They look so fascinating :)
Cocktails, mocktails - I just love them.
Being smiled by a random person - or even smiling at someone and making their day :) 



  1. nice.... i love home decor too :) and i wish to visit Taj mahal one day

  2. That photo of the Taj Mahal is STUNNING! Love your picks, I find it so nice when people smile at you randomly too. A smile can make anyones day :) xx

  3. Loving your pride of your South ASian roots and also your intrigue and respect for the elderly.. =)

  4. Oooh Roshni, so cute! I love every single one....mmmh those pancakes look devine :) xxx

  5. This is adorable!! I love the old people one.. I cant wait to be old hehe...xx :)

  6. Mocktails! <3 There's a restaurant in Carnaby St - Cha Cha Moon and they have the best mocktails ever xx

  7. Ahh! This has reminded me of my insane love for air balloons! I've never been in one either, but I used to live in a city where you could sometimes see them floating by, especially early in the morning. Whenever I would see one It was instant happiness!

    Love your happy things list!

  8. Aw, this post is so sweet. I'd love to go on an air balloon ride too... It looks so peaceful and would be so picturesque.

  9. right, I'm off to make some pancakes now...! :P

  10. I love this post, always look forward to it :)

  11. Thank you all for your lovely comments xx

  12. awww i love old people too!! and same, recently become a bit obsessed with home decor!! xx

  13. Loved this post. Christmas, hot air balloons and pancakes are all things i love :D

  14. you should go to the balloon fiesta in bristol with some elders and a stack of pancakes. it will be a nice day out!

  15. @Emma - hi5! I love old people :)
    @Ekta - they make me soo happy :D
    @JR- lol shut up Jayesh!


I love reading your lovely comments, they make my day :)