Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lil Miss Loveable: Happy Valentines Day! +

Quick post just to say Happy Valentines Day to all my readers! I love you all :) Thank you for the wonderful comments, tweets, emails etc. etc.!

Hope you've had a fun filled day! I know that you should love each other everyday, but Valentines day gives us an obvious reminder :) 

I spoke to an elderly lady, who said to me 'When you're older, you won't care so much for materialistic items. In fact, you will cherish your friends and family more.'' This conversation definitely made me wiser - and I've learnt to love and appreciate my loved ones even more <3

The jewellery box at the back is what my father bought for my mother on V day! My mother gave it to me though because it looks better in my room lol.

I received this today - a cute selection of Yankee candle goodies (although it was actually for my birthday, not for V day)
My manager gave me a heart shaped chocolate lollipop! He gave it to all the females at work. SO SWEET!!!

What did you get up to today?


  1. Aww happy valentines day! That's a really good quote. <3

  2. happy valentines you beaut! mwah love xxxx

  3. Happy valentines day hope you had a lovely day yesterday xxx

  4. thats sooo sweet!! I think you should send that chocolate lollypop to me Roshni lol xx


  5. happy valentines day!! that's so cute of your manager! hope you like the yankee candles!! xx

  6. Hi Roshni,

    I really enjoy reading your blog- it's definitely one of my top procrastination readings lol. This may seem like a random question, given that you don't know me but do you study at UCL?

    Rimah x

  7. @Sundari - aww thank you xx
    @Numera - aww thank you xx
    @Emma D - hehe I still have to burn them xx
    @Rimah - thank you! Yes I do xx

  8. Lol Aaha! Then, I believe I saw you in the Science lib. Hopefully if I see you next time, I'll say hi :D x

  9. You are so gorgeous. Love your blog so much. Please follow my blog...

    ♥Love from Antalya♥


  10. I looove Yankee Candle ! :D ♥


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