Friday, 16 March 2012

Lil Miss Healthy: Juicing! +

Juicing is now part of my healthy lifestyle regime. In fact, it was my parents who got me into juicing! As you all may know, I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Junk food tastes good, but it never makes me feel satisfied! Since I have started juicing, I've noticed an increase in my energy levels.

Juicing 101:

1) For this particular recipe, I used: two apples, two carrots, half a regular sized cucumber and 2 beetroots. I simply cut them in half and washed them.

2) I popped them in my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer

3) I then drank some tasty, nutrient filled juice!

What are the benefits of this particular recipe?

Benefits of carrots: great source of vitamin A, good for your eyesight, skin, hair and nails. Carrots also act as a cleanser for your liver.

Benefits of beetroot: very cleansing for the body. They also lower your blood pressure :) 

Benefits of apples: cancer prevention, good for suppressing your hunger too

Benefits of cucumber: high water content, good source of fibre and vitamin K 

How often do you juice? 

About 2-3 times a week. I tend to cut the carrots and beetroots the night before (apples go bad quickly, therefore I cut them up in the morning). I tend to have the juice before breakfast. 

What are the benefits of juicing?
  • The nutrients of the fruits/ vegetables are easily absorbed by the body
  • They are a great source of nutrients
  • They also help the immune system

What are the disadvantages of juicing?
  • It can increase your blood sugar level - especially because you're combining many different fruits/ vegetables. I tend to only drink half a glass to prevent my blood sugar level from increasing too much
  • You need specialist equipment, it also takes time to prepare the fruit/ vegetables as well as clean to the juicer!
  • Don't replace juicing for eating the whole fruit/ vegetable. Juicing does not give you the fibre - which is essential for your body
  So the key is to juice in moderation! I will be posting a few more recipes, once I've experimented a bit more.

Have you ever tried juicing? 


  1. I will be juicing from tomorrow onwards :D great recipe Roshni! Keep them coming :)


  2. This looks so yummy! Plus i will feel better throughout the day knowing that i had my good dose of nutrients :)


  3. I love juicing and do so about once a day, In the mornings I keep my fibre in my drink by blending green drinks in the vitamix. I think they both have something to offer that is a little bit different than the other :)

  4. Excellent post, I've been looking forward to reading this ;) Will definitely try this recipe and I can't wait to see some more from you Roshni xx

  5. Love this post! My mum used to make that exact same juice but add that doodhi stuff to it, and also a bit of ginger, tasted sooo yummy! But me and my brother forced her to stop making it cause we nicknamed it Fat Juice cos our cheeks puffed up so much lol (i was like 14). But I've got back into it, I know what you mean about energy levels going up!!
    Do a post on that wheatgrass thing you've talked about before, I'm really interested albeit a bit scared about trying that!! xxx

    1. Aww thank you! Does it puff up your cheeks? Eeek - my cheeks are big as it is!! My mum made dhoodhi curry yesterday - so tasty!!! I will definitely be mentioning wheatgrass in my following blog posts xx

  6. I normally make smoothies with loads of fruits using my bamix but i used to really enjoy the fresh juices every morning when I lived at home with my parents. I don't have space for a full juicer now but the smoothies help me get my fix!

    Btw what do you do with the stuff leftover from the juicing? There are often loads of nutrients in the skin and pips so you can make this into low fat, no added sugar fruitcake or into a naturally sweet thick sauce to have with your food.

    1. I chuck it away! Good idea :) Will have to ask you for a few recipes x


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