Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lil Miss Complexion: My skin care routine!

Skin care... something that I think is very important. If my skin doesn't look good.. then my makeup doesn't look good.. and if I have good skin, I feel more confident (thus wear less makeup).

My skin care routine is quite simple.. I've tried loads of different brands but I always seem to go back to the same products! I feel that if a product works for me, then I might as well carry on using it! I don't believe that your skin gets 'used' to a product; if your skin likes the product then it will show that it does by looking great!

About two months ago I used Mac Studio Fix Foundation which made me break out like crazy! I was always used to having clear skin and totally not ready to have loads of spots! To rectify this, I tried different brands to remove the spots... some products made me break out even more (will be doing a separate post of these!)

These are the staple items in my skincare routine! I love all of them <3 The first one is my's by clinique.

It's the seven day scrub cream which is a great exfoliator for my combination (mostly dry) skin. I wouldn't say it's amazing, as it is quite abrasive and I definitely would not use it every day, but my skin does seem more bright after using it! I only use it twice a week.. over exfoliating isn't too good either! Dryer skin is much more thinner than oilier skin.. hence over doing it would be too harsh for it! (Note : It doesn't contain parabens.. yay!)

The second product is my clean and clear deep action cream wash!

This is my daily skin wash. I've used this product on and off for five years!! I keep going back to this product because it makes me feel refreshed, it keeps my skin clear and it's really cheap! It also doesn't contain any parabens (which are nasty cancer causing chemicals) It also doesn't break out my very sensitive skin. It's weird because I've tried Organic Surge products and they broke me skin is quite odd!

The next product is my toner. I use Rose Water:

What can I say? This product is amazing! Not only is it ultra natural.. it also removes excess cleanser, eye makeup residue and even closes your pores! I love this.. I bought it at my local Indian store.. it cost about 75pence?? I've tried the Lush one.. I liked it at first, but it was getting expensive.. and it contains loads of parabens. I might as well stick with the cheapest and probably much more healthier toner?

The next product is celestial moisturiser from Lush.

This moisturiser is aimed at those with sensitive skin.. I suffer from sensitive and dry skin, and as the product is quite thick, tt moisturises well. It's really makes my face glow! I'm currently on my fifth tub!

  • Moisturises well.. doesn't make my skin feel tight.
  • My skin seems to glow afterwards.
  • Relatively expensive.. cost me about £10.25.. the small tub lasts me for about 2 months, and I do use it in the morning and at night.. so it's not THAT bad.
  • Also.. contains parabens.. was quite surprised! Lush promote themselves as natural and handmade..yet they use these deadly chemicals? However, this is the only moisturiser that works for me.. so i'm willing to bypass those nasties :P
  • Used to smell like milky it smells more 'chemical'... i wish they could revert back to their old formula!!!

The next staple is my Johnsons 3 in 1 facial night wipes.

These wipes smell amazing.. the lavender scent really calms you down.. it's actually a joy to remove your makeup! Even though it says that it's suitable for all skin types, I think not. After removing my makeup with skin is coated with oil (well it looks like oil). Obviously I then cleanse, tone and moisturise, but this product is more suitable for people with normal-dry skin. I've tried the other makeup removing wipes.. but I just love the smell! They are usually on offer for about £4.00 for two packets! Not bad!

The next product is the most recent addition to my skin care routine! It's the lovely aloe vera gel!

I purchased this from Holland and Barretts for about £3.00. I actually got the idea of using it after reading Oxford Jasmines Blog. Anyway, she said it's great for dry skin; however, after suffering from mild acne I wondered if this would help it?? I used it one night, and when I woke up.. all my spots had literally shrunk! It was soo weird!! This product is a life saver! I still use it every night (and if I'm at home all day then I put it on in the morning) and it really works! On another note.. I hate the feeling of it! It literally clings onto your skin and makes it feel really tight (even though it's good for dry skin). Even though the feeling of the product is off putting.. the results are not! For £3.00 you get loads of products. I recommend this to anyone with dry skin or with spots!

The next product is the chocolate mask.. from Montagne Jeunesse.

This product is readily available in Superdrugs and Boots and it retails for about 99p per mask. I tend to stock up on them when there's a three for two offer haha! I love this mask! I've used loads of different masks, but this mask seems to make my skin glow and look very clean. I tend to use it before parties to ensure my skin look clear. It's literally the ultimate treat. It smells like chocolate too! This particular mask is aimed at those with normal to dry skin. I use it every two weeks and I have always seen a major difference in my skin after removing it.

  • Great moisturising effects.
  • My skin looks visibly clear.
  • Satchet - great if you're travelling and don't want to take bottles.
  • A lot of product in the satchet.
  • The price: I know 99p isn't a lot of money, but if you use it every adds up!
  • Takes AGESS to remove.
  • Leaves a lot of mess!
So this is my skin care routine! A part of me wants to try new products, whereas another part of me wants to keep this routine as it seems to be working!

What do you use for your skin care?


  1. Great post!

    I aree with you about the formulation of Celestial, I wish they would change it back to the old, lovely milky scent!I have oily skin so don't use it on my face but because I love it so much I use it on my neck.However if the scent changes again I might stop using it!

    They have also changed the scent of Sympathy for the Skin which used to be one of my favourite scents in the world and now it smells so fake and chemically- argh why did they think they had to change??Especially considering it has ot more expensive!xx

  2. thank u!i even asked them on twitter why their scents changed and they ignored me!! haha i'm shocked that lush uses all of these chemicals.. even clear and clear isn't that bad with the parabens! yh you could use it in winter when your skin gets dryer maybe? Next time I go into lush i'm going to interrogate them! xx


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