Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lil Miss Review: Barry M Pale Pink

As I posted in my earlier haul post.. I purchased some Barry M Colours. I also purchased the Barry M Pale Pink nail polish. (rrp. £2.95)

Here's a photo of the bottle:

Here's a photo without flash:

Here's a photo with flash:

Unfortunately my camera is not really picking up the colour THAT well. The nail polish is much brighter in real life, and is very similar to the Barry M Polish in 'Bright Pink'. I was expecting a baby pink colour, but after two coats it looked much brighter. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty colour but I was expecting it to be more muted. I always apply two coats with Barry M nail polish because the first layer is always uneven on my nails!

I did say in my earlier blog plot that I don't have any pale pink nailpolishes... I meant to say 'I don't have a similar pale pink to this' LOL.

Here's some other pink colours I've accumulated:

In order:
1) Bourjois 'Rose Lounge'
2) Eyeko 'Pretty Polish'
3) Barry M Pale Pink
4) Barry M Bright Pink

I've got more pinks but they are much brighter and darker. I have included the 'Bright Pink Nail Polish' because it looks like a brighter version of the pale pink. I prefer the eyeko pretty polish to the Barry M Pale Pink.. even if the eyeko polish doesn't last as long!

Colour: Pale Pink
Price: £2.95
Longetivity:First time I am wearing this particular Barry M colour but all Barry M colours last quite long!
Texture: I preferred the consistency of the pale purple nail polish. I found this one quite runny and after the second coat the colour changed dramatically.
Packaging: I like it. Bit too small for taking NOTD's LOL
Repurchase? Probably not! It's a really dupe-able colour. You probably even have something that looks like this in your collection. I kinda regret because I've amassed soo many pinks haha!

Has anyone else tried this colour ? xx

Btw.. sorry about my ugly nails!! Will try and sort them out soon lol xx


  1. I have both of those colours, but I really like them both. Especially the paler pink one, the bright one I only wear when I am going on a night out and the mood suits haha!!!

    ♥Giddy Princess♥

  2. rose lounge looks like a foundation bottle, lol but if its that color i'd love to have it!,
    ive been looking for a color like it but always come across some that claim to LOOK like it but are pretty transparent and not matte and tinted at all. boo ;[

    anyways, love all the colors, and loving your blog.

    come check out mine:

  3. Great review! I tried the first two in your collection, and I have to say, the eyeko gives good coverage :) Please come check out my blog, maybe follow? I love yours xxx

  4. @ giddyprincess .. I agree.. Both the colours are pretty but I expecting too much from the pale pink especially .. Especially after just wearing the pale lilac colour ( which is amazinggg!!)
    @ liz .. The bourjois one is beautiful.. Next time I wear
    it I'll take a photo and maybe that might help you ?? Heehe thank you :) I will sure check out your lovely blog xx
    @ dangerouslbeauty .. The eyeko one is soo pretty .. When I wore it I didn't shake it enough so it didn't settle well on my nails.. But it's a gorgeous colour:) and ofcourse I'm going to check out ur blog hehe xxx


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