Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lil Miss Random:8 random things in my bedroom!

So.. I've just finished some coursework (left till last minute ofcourse.. oops!), and I've decided to treat myself by doing a blog post ♥

I thought I might do something random today.. nothing related to beauty!

I've basically picked out 8 randoms things from my room that will show a bit of my personality and basically show you how I've accessorised my room! I'm a little more than a materialistic, superficial person hahaha =D

I think this is meant to be a tag.. I saw it on youtube ?? Anyway.. if you're reading this.. I tag you.. make sure u link your page on the comments so I can read it. I love knowing about what is in peoples room.. I'm very nosy like that hehe :P You don't have to do 8.. i don't know why I did 8 lool!

1)Anyway.. the first thing I have in my room is a toy:

yes a toyy!! It's basically a night lamp that plays a lullaby when you turn the dial. My mum used to turn it on at night when I was a baby and it would ease me into sleep; and I still have it. AND it still works!! It's going strong 20 years later! I would say I'm really sentimental; little things like this make me happy. I'm definitely going to pass this onto my children hehe!♥

2)The next thing I have in my room is my christmas tree!

It's also my favourite colour : pink!(Purchased from Paperchase). I know you're not meant to keep the decorations after January (or something like that), but I can't help it...otherwise it would have no home! I love it though, reminds me of christmas (duh!) and I love christmas! Christmas is a feeling of togetherness and family. Even though I'm not Christian myself, I do celebrate it because it's such a beautiful, religious day.♥

3)The next item is my calender:

As you can see, it's not a normal type of calender. Actually it's not even a calender, just a date teller lol! I love it though, my parents gave it to me on my 11th birthday, and even though I don't change the date everyday, i find that it is a pleasure to look at. All the little bears are dressed up to represent the different months.. it's soo cute!! It reminds me to live your day as if its your last... make every day special :)♥

4)Moving on, I have my photo albums:

These are some pretty albums I picked up from Boots! I love the oriental design - so gorgeous! I've put some unused hair accesories on top of them for decoration. I love taking photos - not for the vanity, but for the memory! When I'm older I can look back on these and remember the old times! I have photos on the computer, but there's something about flipping the pages of a photo album that is soo pleasant :)

5)The next thing in my room is my religious symbol:

It's the 'Om' symbol. I would say I'm quite religious, so having this in my room is not unusual for me! One of the fundamental principles in my religion (hinduism) is Karma, which I am a great believer 0f.♥

6) The next thing I have is a lady bird:

A ladybird? Well a stuffed one! This is amazing, it's not even meant to be a cuddly toy(before you start thinking that I am a big baby LOL).. it's basically a cushion (if you separate the velcro) and when you put it back (like it has been shown in the photo) you can use it to rest your head on it (like in the car on a long journey for example). This feels soooo soft.. probably the softest material I have ever felt. My mum bought it for me from the Ideal Home Show. They are called 'My lovely pillow pets' (click on the link to learn more about them haha).♥

7) The next product are my dumb-bells:

I've recently been on a weight loss system, which incorporates exercise (woooo!). I've been using these with my Davina Fit DVD and the 'arms' section is amazing! My arms feel so much more toned straight afterwords. I like to do weights and cardios. These weights are only 1.5kg each - I might have to upgrade because I'm finding the exercises a bit easier now! Btw I highly recommend the Davina Fit DVD - amazing!!♥

8) The last item in my room.. is a doll:

This was given to me by my generous mum, and I believe that she purchased it in India! I've never actually seen an Indian doll.. and I think it's soo beautiful! I like having pretty things in my room - this doesn't really show my personality, but I love looking at it.. the detailing it amazing! (And I wish i had her stomach lol!)♥

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this excessively random post! I guess this doesn't really show much of my personality... well it shows im really girly and quite religious and sentimental.. but it was fun to do! Please do this tag =D would be fun to see what's in your room!!

Love from Roshas ♥ ♥

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  1. Wow, no comments on this!! You have some interesting stuff in your room, I enjoy seeing everything!! Thanks for sharing, I really loved the small pink Christmas tree, so kute!!



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