Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lil Miss Manicured: NOTD of the Barry M Pale Purple

I bought this lovely colour from Superdrug yesterday =D As I said in my previous post, I love Barry M nail polishes! They have an amazing colour range, glossy finish, great price (rrp. £2.95) and are easily available..(Well in the UK anyway)

Here's the bottle:

Here's a photo without flash: (Sorry about my unmanicured nails.. I need to sort them out!!)

Here's a photo with flash:

It's a gorgeous milky lilac that glistens very beautifully.. however I feel that the colour is kind of washed out in comparison to the colour of my hands?? I prefer Gosh Wild Lilac in terms of colour, but I prefer the consistency and the finish of this polish.

On a further note.. I'm covering my hand with the tiny bottle (this totally defeats the purpose LOL).. so you can barely see the bottle! Dammit.. why are the bottles soo small lol

Has anyone tried this yet?


  1. wow I was gona get this color the other dat but didn't for some reason! It looks lovely on you though. You're tempting me 2 get this now hehe

  2. I bought this too! It looks lovely on you. The consistency of mine was really gloopy! Great blog!

  3. @ Shifa....thank you!.. I say try the Gosh one (wild lilac.. better colour but i love the 'shine' of this product).

    @Ro.. if you find it gloopy.. try shaking it first.. or keeping it in the fridge? That's what I do, and it seems to work =) thank youu btw xxx

  4. i Lovw Barry M Nail Polishes too! :) i have to get this as soon i finish with my project 10 pan! lol

  5. Hi Roshni, new follower here. :) Love this colour. Lilacs are so in this summer no?

  6. Hi Rati =D Yes they are definitely in :) the pale purple colour reminds me of summer.. which I'm super excited about yay =D xx

  7. i love that lilac color! beautiful! thanks for sharing!


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