Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lil Miss Review: Sleek Glo Highlighter.

I purchased the sleek face and body highlighter in November, and have been using it on every night out since then!! I purchased the shade 'peach shimmer' as I felt that it would compliment my skin the best. It retails for £4.99, which is quite cheap for a highlighter in my opinion! (This is the highlighter I am wearing on my main picture =D it shows up on my crappy iphone camera haha!)

Here is a photo:

Sorry about the fall out, I've dropped it several times (I'm quite clumsy with objects lol).

I tend not to use the brush that's been given as there's loads of fall out of the hairs, and once I ended up with loads of the hairs on my face (ewww)... I tend to use a Sigma 224 brush to accurately highlight my browbone and cheekbone.

Here's the finished look on my face: (Once again sorry about the pouting haha!)
I know I've gone a bit overboard with it, but I think it really does show up, which is quite good for £4.99!

The negatives:
However, as much as I love the shade of this product and its' great value... I don't like the consistency of the's literally too powdery. I suffer from dry skin, therefore this really accentuates the dry parts on my cheeks. I wish there was a liquid alternative to this?? I do still use this product though because none of the other highlighters show up on my skin. Another problem I have with this product is that if I mix all the colours, the darker shade dominates and it looks like I've drawn a brown mark on the top of my cheek! Weird!! I wish they could have somehow placed the colours in order of gradient!

Colour: Peach shimmer
Price: £4.99
Longetivity: It's lasts all night and there was no fall out!
Texture: Needs a big improvement! Looks ultra false.. I end up using loads of fix + to tame it.
Packaging: It's very sleek..haha well it's ok.. the highlighter actually came off when I dropped it.. it needs more protection I guess. Also, even though the brush is very soft.. there's far too much fall out so that needs to be improved!
Repurchase? Probably not! I want to try from other companies, as I've only recently started getting into highlighers. I think the colour pay off is amazing, but for people like me who suffer from dry skin.. it's not the best thing to apply.

Whats your favourite highlighter?
Have you tried this product before, if so.. what did you think of it?


  1. I think you look so glamorous wearing it :) Suits you a lot hun! But I agree, drugstore products do tend to be powdery or chalky

  2. aww thank u =D soo sweet xx

  3. great review :) x


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