Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lil Miss Shopoholic: Mini Superdrug Haul!

After studying in my local library for 6 hours, I decided to pop into Superdrug to buy a facial sponge. When I went in I saw the Barry M counter and decided to look at the new Ice Cream Nail Collection, I walked around a bit more and found some more things that enticed me...anyway you get the gist! I even get 10% off because I'm a student.. so it's totally justifiable =D haha

Here's everything I got:

The first thing I bought was the 'Natural Cellulose Cleansing Sponge'.(rrp £1.69) I got this idea from Get Gawjus' blog, where she said that removing exfoliator using a sponge is much more beneficial for one's skin =D I'm going to apply my exfoliator and then buff it in my face and move it in circular motions for about two minutes. Hopefully I'll have clear, glowing skin. :)

The next thing I bought was the 'Soo eternal Perfume'.(rrp £5.99) I absolutely ADORE this scent. To be honest I love all of the 'So...' Body sprays and perfumes! They last a long time and have gorgeous smells, that I simply cannot pinpoint with any other perfumes I own. This scent is my favourite though.I first got to know this scent when I bought the body spray and I love it, I've even had a lots of people complimenting me about it! It's a sweet, pleasant scent. To me it smells like cake batter; however I wouldn't say it is overly sweet, it's definitely not in the regions of Britney Spears Fantasy.. If you want to try it, go for the body spray first! (There's a picture of the body spray too...which I bought months before.)

The next item I bought was the 'Nivea Hand Age Defying Cream'. (rrp £3.89) I've been looking for a handcream and for some reason I keep forgetting to physically take it to the checkout! Lol! I think hand creams are very important, many people forget about their hands and don't even apply sunscreen to their hands. Your hands are always visible and having weathered hands is not pretty (especially if you write a blog and take NOTD photos lol!). Having said that, I was quite ignorant to handcare! After years of washing them with very hot water and not applying cream after doing so, they are frankly not in the best condition that they should be (I'm only 20 and they look worse than my mums!) Anyway, it's not too late to start now is it? I bought a bigger size, not the usual travel ones I buy because they run out soo quickly and the bag I take to uni/work is massive, so why not? I've just applied this and its very soft and blends in easily. It hasn't got a particular smell, just that typical 'cream' smell.

The next items I bought were the lovely Barry M Nail Polishes(£2.95 each). The first shade (the purple one) is called 'Pale purple'. It's a gorgeous lilac colour which would look perfect in spring and summer. I love pastel shades so much right now! I'll do swatches of these in later posts! The next shade I bought is called 'Cyan Blue'. This is not from the new Icecream collection, in fact it's my second one (I dropped my other one and it shattered and dried out!) I love this colour! (Otherwise I wouldn't have bought a replacement lol)It's a gorgeous blue which applies on easily, it stays on for a few days and has a glossy finish. The last nail polish I bought is the 'Strawberry Ice Cream' one. It's a pretty muted pink; this colour can probably be duped easily, but I like the consistency of Barry M Nail Polish and out of my vast collection of them.. only one has failed me (it's no. 722 - it's a glittery green which doesn't even show up..makes your nails look mouldy! Eww!) I also don't have a pale pink.. and everyone needs a pale pink right? ;)

Here's my collection of Lilacs/ Purples. They all look soo different! I love the GOSH nail paint (wild lilac) , it's a beautiful colour! If you are interested in a purple nail polish, I highly recommend this! On another note, the Collection 2000 nail paint in dynasty looks more like a pale pink on my nails. It doesn't even last that long. Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

What have you bought recently from the drugstore?
Have you tried the Barry M nail paints? If so.. I want to know =D


  1. I've been seeing this nail polish everywhere-I guess I'll have to try it!

  2. lovely haul love the polishes! i <3 dynasty by Collection 2000! :) xxx

  3. you got some lovely stuff there! especially the gosh nailpaint is droolworthy :)


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