Sunday, 27 February 2011

Lil Miss Ecstatic: 21st Birthday Presents :)

Hi guys! I'm on a roll with blog posts today LOL! Anyway, my brother and sister finally gave me my birthday presents (I was 21 on 19th Jan). They bought me 21 presents! Here's what they got me:

  21 birthday mug (or whatever it is :s)

 Clutch bag! I love leopard print!

 Some teddies <3 My room is full of them!

 A coaster with my face on it! LOL

 Some DVD's

 Did I tell you? I love photos :)

 Bourjois Bronzer <3<3

Some vintage style earrings

 Mac bronzer in Refined  Golden (my all time favourite bronzer!)

 DKNY perfume

Twilight calender <3<3<3

 Coin purse. I prefer coin purses to wallets as they are much smaller and i don't like to take too many items with me (for security reasons).

 Rimmel lipstick in Red Fever. I'm wearing it right now - my first red lipstick. I love it :)

 Ferrero Rochers. My friends call me Ferrero Roshni! The coconut ones taste AMAZING!

Some slippers

They also bought me some clothes, but the photos did no justice! I might take a photo of myself just wearing them!
My bro and sis put the presents in this basket and wrapped the presents up in a carrier bag lol! 

By the way I'm not bragging or anything lol! I'm so shocked my brother and sister did this for me - it was so sweet and thoughtful! 


  1. love love love the pressies! aww that's the cutest thing ever! Regarding the rimmel lipstick, it's addictive i lovee the colour and the smell and teh textture :)

  2. happy belated belated birthday! they got you lovely pressies, especially love the look of the earrings and the perfume! xx

  3. How lovely, what a wonderful idea,fab presents :).

    Sadie x

  4. Happy belated birthday! You got so many lovely gifts :) I love the leopard print clutch and the vintage style earrings. The coaster with your face is adorable too!

  5. @Jakia - it smells amazing.. and it looks beautiful on u!
    @Hannah - thank you :D the perfume is so strong and spicy (love it!)
    @Sadie- now I need to think of a great idea for their birthday LOL
    @Susalie - aww thank you!! xx

  6. aww how lovely are your brother & sis?? would love for them to teach my bro a few things! ;) Lol, I want a coaster with my face on it! Hope you had a fab one darl :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

    (the Barry M obsessive on Twitter ;) )

  7. awww this is so sweet! I would be shocked if my siblings would do it too :p You have to review the DKNY perfume hun and the bronzers to please :)

  8. aww thats lovely lovely presents :) I have them earrings too I love them x

  9. oooooh, lucky you :) ! xxx
    check out my blog maybe??

  10. @Aysh - yeah! so sweet of them! i hope they do something similar for me next year ;P:P (doubt it haha 22 is not special enough!). ahha Hi5 barry m chick!

    @Shifa - you never know, they might one day :D i'll deffo review the DKNY perfume and the bronzers :D

    @Vikki-gabrielleworld = thank u! I love them - so vintage!

    @Hannah - aww sure xx

  11. My favourite is the ferrero rochers! Lol x

  12. i really do like the mog:)

  13. ohhh lovely presents^^ I love the earrings :))

  14. Ah bless them..that is such an amazing thing for them to do!! They chose amazing things too! Lucky girl! xx

  15. Loving the Ferrero Rochers! Nice pic too!

  16. Aw how sweet of your brother and sister and what lovely thoughtfull pessies xx

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    Im new to blogger and would really appreciate somebody like you following my blog?

    Check it out :) CupcakesCocktailsCouture X

  18. I'm really shocked they did that! I need to photograph the outfits they got me too - but the camera does no justice :( xx

  19. I like your clutch, very very nice!!


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