Sunday, 18 September 2011

Lil Miss Fluffy: My hair care routine *

I've recently been obsessed with taking care of my hair. I go through different phases, for example, last month I was obsessed about lipsticks and the month before it was eye shadows! 

I was also inspired to do this post after reading my beautiful friend Sriya's post on hair care. 

Here are some products that I have been using:

 Before washing my hair:
 I am fortunate enough to have naturally thick hair, but it does go through different phases! I use Argan oil or Almond oil on my hair before every wash. I massage it in and wash my hair an hour later.  

1)Argan oil is considered by some 'liquid gold'. I purchased this in Morocco and I really wish I bought a few more bottles! My hair always looks so healthy and shiny after washing it. 

2)Almond oil is great too - especially for dry and damaged hair. I purchased this from my local Indian grocery store (I believe that Waitrose sell this too). 

Washing my hair:
 I don't use all of these products whilst washing my hair but I do mix and match.

1) Timotei shampoo - unfortunately I have extremely sensitive skin. Most shampoos break my forehead out! This one does not break me out though - thank god! I buy this from my Local Wilkinson's - it only costs about £2. I've noticed that this shampoo gives me lots of volume - I really like it! I don't like the packaging though - one time I left it in my drawer and it leaked! 

2) Joico K-Pac conditioner: I use this conditioner twice a week on the ends of my hair. It makes my hair feel so nice and soft. I received this product in my goody bag at the National Beauty Bloggers event. It also smells very nice and fresh. I will definitely be purchasing this product! 

3) Aussie Luscious Long Conditioner - I have mentioned this product in a previous post, but because I love it so much I mentioned it again! I love this product because of the smell - it makes my hair smell so sweet and fruity. Furthermore, it adds a lot of shine to my hair. I won this product in a giveaway btw :) I do have other Aussie Conditioners but this is my favourite one :)

4) Tony and Guy conditioner for damaged hair - I nabbed this at the Tony and Guy fashion show event (which I will be blogging about!) I used this on Friday night and it made my hair feel very soft. I did have some trouble straightening my hair though because the product made my hair very silky! I am off to Manchester tomorrow to party with my friends and I will be taking this product as it is travel friendly :)

Styling my hair:

I am not very creative with my hair. I tend to straighten it, and tie it up at night so it's slightly wavy! I am trying to spend more time doing my hair but I get really bored. I purchased these products last year when there was an offer at Superdrug.

1) Tresemme Salon Silk - I use this on my hair when it's wet and avoid putting too much on the crown of my head (where it gets greasy). This makes my hair more sleek, but doesn't get rid of all of the frizz! I do like this product because it's travel friendly and quite cheap.
2) Tresemme Heat Defence- I always make sure I add heat protection to my hair before straightening it. I spritz this all over my hair and let it dry naturally. I don't use hair dryers unless I'm in a hurry - the less heat the better. Even if I don't style my hair, heat protection is important as the Sun damages it. This product is great because it lasts forever!

When my hair is dry
Neal and Wolf Shine Spray - I received this in my Glossy Box for September. I was not expecting the product to be a miracle worker. I LOVE this product. I sprayed it in my hair whilst it was wet (you're actually meant to spray this product when your hair is dry) and it added lots of shine. I went to work on Saturday and four customers complimented by hair (three were men and one of them was a hairdresser). I've never received lots of compliments on my hair, especially by men, so I was pretty chuffed. I believe it was this product! I'm so glad I subscribed to the Glossy Box because I never would have heard about this brand. 

 In between washes:

 You guys know how much I love Batiste dry shampoos! I avoid washing my hair everyday because I feel that it's 1) Too time consuming 2) Getting rid of those beneficial oils in your hair. I wash my hair every two days, and I use dry shampoo from the second day. I tend to use the dry shampoo at night time as it usually gets fully absorbed by the time I wake up. I love this Tropical Batiste shampoo because it smells so nice and fresh :)

 Hair care tips:
  •  Avoid styling your hair too much. All that hairspray and malarkey is damaging your hair! I try to only straighten my hair once or twice a week to prevent heat damage.
  • Eat carrots - well eating healthily is known to benefit your hair but carrots in particular are good for preventing hair loss.
  • Wheat germ - I've done a post on this, so have a look. When I was eating wheatgerm my hair was growing so quickly. It may not work on you but it worked very well on me!
  • Avoid touching your hair too much
  • I also use a silk pillow at night time, which has helped tame my frizzy hair.
  • I really recommend massaging oil into your hair - coconut oil is also good for your hair.
  • I used to use henna to condition my hair. It also slightly lightened it but made my hair look glossy for weeks.
  • Ensure you're eating enough iron - as a vegetarian I have low iron levels - which causes my hair to fall out. I try to eat lots of spinach or take iron tablets.
  • Brush/ comb your hair everyday - my hair dresser told me that it prevents your hair from falling out too much. I also try to brush my hair during the day to keep it straight (it actually works!)
And just in case you're wondering, here is my natural hair (it's pretty crazy right?)


  1. U dont look crazy at all, Your hair is soo gorgeous

    Love with your blog


  2. @Foxy et al - thank you :) you're soo sweet xx

  3. love ur products u use , i love the dry shampoo, the only one that work , please follow back

  4. Timotei use to make my hair really soft!
    and i can't leave without argan oil! just like every moroccan girl

  5. Your hair is so long and lush you don't need all these products girl! My all time favourite haircare product has to me Moroccan Oil - it has the most amazing scent xx

  6. funny reading this as im sat here typing away with the joico mask in my hair should go wash it out now... lookin gorjus btw my hairs like that wen damp too

  7. omgosh! your natural hair is stunning!
    and haha, tell me about it golden rule for good hair is not touching it, and yet my hand is always touching it!
    thanks for sharing!

  8. All of these products sound great, I should start taking better care of my hair. You have gorgeous hair, i'm jealous!!
    Little Petite

  9. Your natural hair is pretty! My natural hair is pretty crazy lol I lve all he products here !:)

  10. thank you everyone for the comments =D xx

  11. Your natural hair is beautiful! :D
    Thank you for the mention my lovely!!
    I didn't get that Toni and Guy conditioner.. I'll have to text you the stuff I got! Love it all :D
    I NEED to buy some Argan oil!! xxx

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