Friday, 23 September 2011

Lil Miss Random: Recent Ramblings :$

This Monday I went off to Manchester for three nights to see one of my friends, and also go to the freshers party events for Manchester University.
Here are some photos:

We took loads more photos but I look even more horrendous in most of them! During one of the days, we watched a movie called 'Fright Night' which I absolutely LOVED! I do love Vampires so this was definitely a hit! I would highly recommend you check it out!

What I learnt this week: 
  • People in Manchester are so chilled out and lovely (compared to Londoners).
  • Dentistry students are really nice.
  • Pretending to be a dentistry student is pretty fun :P
  • Customising t-shirts is very difficult, especially if you're left handed and you're using right handed scissors.
  • I only like getting dolled up in my own bedroom.
  • I will forever appreciate my bed :)
  • I learnt that alcohol breaks me out.
  • Subway tastes AMAZING (I haven't had it for the last 4 months!)
  • Odeon cinemas are way more expensive.
  • Manchester is beautiful but my heart is set in London <3
  • Late nights, alcohol, and an unhealthy diet make me ill :( 
  • No matter how hard I try, I cannot emulate the Manchester accent (or Northern accent? Whatever you call it?)
  • I am not as girly as I used to - applying makeup for a night out seems like a chore to me right now!
I also saw the beautiful Halima from Designer Spray, who happened to walk past me in the city centre.Unfortunately I did not say hello because I thought she was in a rush - hopefully I'll see her again soon :)
After I got back from Manchester, I was actually meant to go to work. Unfortunately, I came down with a terrible cold and stayed in all day. I ate loads of fruit and vegetable today, drank loads of water, relaxed and drank soup. I feel back to normal now (yay!) 

I also managed to do a bit of shopping today as I'm starting uni next week (4th and final year might I add!). Here is what I bought:

Stationary :)
Pyjama Bottoms :)
Jumper for Autumn
Gloves :)
  • I purchased some stationary from Wilkinson's. Wilkinson's is SO cheap and always has lovely designs. I really want to check out their home ware stuff! Buying stationary always gets me motivated to study. I'm actually excited to start university next week - due to having time off, seeing my friends and having a life again. In my third year I had to work 9-5 (it was a placement), study and work on Saturdays too- it was pretty tough - and I don't think I would ever be able to do that again!
  • Unfortunately, I won't be earning much now as I'm back to being a student. Going out to restaurants and going to the cinema will be given a miss. I will be resorting back to treating myself every two weeks (and that's pushing it!). Moreover, I popped over to Primark today and picked up the most comfortable pyjama bottoms EVER! My mum and my sister are going to buy them too; I think they're perfect for winter :)
  • I also purchased a lovely jumper from Primark. Is it me or is Primark kinda pricey now? (Pricey for me anyway!). The blazers are £17, tops are over £10 - I cannot haul like crazy anymore :(
  • Next I bought two pairs of gloves for a measly pound. I always manage to lose one the gloves (I don't know how I managed to do that!)
How was your week?
Have you bought anything nice recently?


  1. Wow, lovely post! Some awesome pictures! You look good don't know why u think u look bad! I need stationary too might have to go check out wilko's. Xx

  2. Ahhh wish we could have met m'lovely! Glad you liked Manchester, although if I was to live either in London or Manchester, it would deffo be london! xo

  3. you look gorgeous! and those are lovely buys ;)

  4. very cute post! it makes me wanna go shopping :)
    and i really need to go to the uk someday.



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