Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lil Miss Outgoing: My day in photos $%

Hi guys! Hope you're all well! I was fortunate enough to have a day off today, and I took my lovely camera with me too! Here are some photos:

I went off to Angel Islington  and ate at an Indian restaurant called 'Masala Zone', which I have heard rave reviews of.

Puffed hollow biscuits filled with chick peas mash and splashed with yoghurt and chutneys
I have no idea how to describe this!

Me drinking salted lassi! If you ever go to an Indian restaurant, make sure you try this!
Chilli Paneer (cottage cheese) and rice.
I also went to a cafe in Islington called Kipferl. I had this amazing latte!! I highly recommend Kipferl.
Me pouring some milk into my friends Earl Grey tea (which I am not very fond of!)
The beautiful, cobbled streets of Islington.
A beautiful flower in Islington <3
A boutique with vintage clothes :)
More flowers. Can you tell, I love flowers?
Angel Islington :)
I also went to watch the Inbetweeners. Source

 I love days out like this! If I was at home all day, I probably would have procrastinated. 

I would highly recommend Kipferl (the cafe) which you can find on a lovely cobbled street in Islington. The coffee in Kipferl is to die for! The service is also impeccable - if I ever receive bad customer service from a place I tend to hold a grudge forever  lol! 

I personally did not like Masala Zone that much. I am an avid fan of Indian food but this restaurant did not deliver! It was a bit of a rip off and the food was average - but that's just my opinion!

The Inbetweeners movie was AMAZING! Funniest film I have seen all year!! I actually could not stop laughing! I haven't even watched the series, and I understood what was going on. I am going to watch a few episodes tonight hehe.

Have you watched any movies recently?
 Can you recommend any nice places to eat?

Love from Roshas xxx


  1. Inbetweeners is deffo the best movie I've seen all year!

    Lovely pics :) x

  2. Love these posts! Food looks yummy, love those chickpea things! I really want to see inbetweeners! x

  3. @Babydoll - yes it was AMAZING!!! Made my day!!

    @Style Frost - thank you! You inspired me! Those chickpea things were good but there was too much yoghurt! I recommend you watch Inbetweeners - it is REALLY dirty though (I had to look away soo many times!) xxx

  4. Yum at the food!! You always take such amazing pictures! xx

  5. Lovely pics, the food looks so yummy!!

    Sadie xx

  6. Great post! I really want to go and watch the inbetweeners! I watched One Day with my sister the other day and I didn't like it, it was depressing.

  7. I agree with your opinion on Masala Zone.. I went years ago and was not impressed. You've got me craving chili paneer!


  8. @Sriya - awww thank youu xx
    @Sadie - thank you! It certainly was xx
    @The Dollymix Diaries - I wanted to watch One Day but it does look a bit too soppy!! I highly recommend the Inbetweeners!!
    @Zahra - yeah it was a rip off! I love chilli paneer - definitely my fave dish! xx

  9. I'm drooling.... lol!

    Used to go to uni in Islington so I have a soft spot for it :) xx

  10. @Sami - Islington is a lovely area! I'm trying to check out different restaurants and cafes :) xx

  11. Fab pics darling! Food looked super yum! :D Haha I've never watched The Inbetweeners before either so was debating whether to watch or not...went for the ape one instead as ya know! ;) awesome! though that creepy eyed chimp still gives me the heeby jeebies! :-/

    Love Aysh xoxo

  12. AMAZING PHOTOS! Really great stuff hon!


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