Friday, 16 September 2011

Lil Miss Materialistic: Recent haul +

Hi guys! Hope you're having a fab Friday!! I've decided to stay in and blog :) 

A few weeks ago, Forever 21 opened in London. I was super excited as I've always wished for a Forever 21 store to open in the UK. When I first went in I was surprised at how beautiful the decor was - it put Top Shop and all the other UK based shops to shame! There were pretty chandeliers everywhere and lots of space! My favourite thing about Forever 21 is their jewellery - not only is it creative and pretty, but also pretty affordable! Here is what I picked up:

These earrings - I prefer small ones for work.
I believe this was under £3
I've received so many compliments on this pair!

I also purchased a Mac lipstick in the name of 'Girl About Town' - which on my lips is a hot pink lipstick with a slight blue tone to it. To be honest, I didn't buy the lipstick, I got it for free using Mac's 'Back to Mac' programme! Score! This lipstick is far too bright for my skin tone, and I feel that it looks better on darker skin tones (it looks gorgeous on my sister); however, I am going to try and alter the shade using different lipsticks in order to capture that 'hot pink' lipstick look that is in my mind.

 Moreover, I won an Aussie giveaway, and received this gorgeous conditioner! I used it straight away on the ends of my hair and my hair smelled amazing! I love fruity smells - and the smell lingered on until my next hair wash. I felt that my hair looked very glossy and I was able to style it appropriately too.

 I finally received this months Glossy Box today. I used this body scrub in the shower and my skin felt SO smooth afterwards. I only managed to use up half a packet, and lucky for me, Glossy Box gave me two packets! I highly recommend this if you want baby soft skin :) 

I haven't actually bought much makeup recently -  I feel that I have far too many products and I'm trying to save my money too! 

Have you tried any of these products?


  1. Amazing haul! The earrings are gorgeous!! Really love them.

  2. thank u :):) So cheap too! xx

  3. Uggh those earrings are soo cute uber girly!!

    Love your blog


  4. I just put you on my favourite blogs list. Love your blog.. any recomendations for me (blogger wise?)

    Im also so impressed with that scrub. At first when i opened my glossy bx i was a bit disappointed but I actually love all the things!!!!xx

  5. @Foxy et all - thank you!!
    @Marita - I advice you to check it out!!
    @Tali - aww thank you soo much!! (You made my day!)I recommend Lipgloss and Leopard Print as well as Beauty Fulfilled!

    I love that scrub - I'm actually going to buy a few more!! xx


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