Thursday, 15 April 2010

Lil Miss Review: Mac Pink Plaid Lipstick *

Upon entering Mac, I decided to try out lipsticks (like I always do), and a colour that I have been continuosly swatching was Mac Pink Plaid (Matte). I don't know why I was always drawn to it.. I have loads of pink lipsticks and lipglosses but this colour always seem to stand out amongst the others! It's a gorgeous blueish-pink which looks like a soft muted pink in real life, but looks retro-ey and bright in photos! I usually look at Makeup Alley Reviews before buying anything (especially Mac), but this colour may have fazed any thoughts at that time!!

Some photos of me wearing it... sorry about the posing.. I can't help it, hehe.You can see that this colour is quite bright in flash photography! In my opinion, it is a wearable Barbie Pink. I probably wouldn't wear it out on its own on a night out (as I tend to put loads of eye makeup I feel the need to neutralise my lips).. it in need of some Body Shop Oui Oui Oui Butter (which is amazing at muting down colours!!)

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It looks so different here .. .could be due to a rubbish camera and no flash.. but this is how it looks in real life!
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Both of these were taken before a party! However, I would definitely wear this lipstick on a daily basis, as it's quite a soft pink without the flash and I always could use the Body Shop oui oui oui butter to mute it even more! The lipstick reminds me of Saint Germain, but Saint Germain is even more of a 'bubble-gum' pink and it is much lighter; for me... Saint Germain is really unwearable!

Colour: Mac Pink Plaid
Finish: Matte
Price: £12.50
Longetivity: I felt that it lasted quite long! It's a matte and I feel that Matte lipsticks stain my lips.
Texture: Can be quite drying.. therefore I use Carmex to moisturise my lips in advance! I'm really loving Matte Lipsticks at the moment! I think they look more sophisticated.
Packaging: Well it's Mac.. so i love it! I love how sleek the mac lipstick packaging it!
Repurchase? I'm not sure anymore. Blue toned lippies do not suit my colouring! Revlon Pink Pout is a better dupe in my opinion! I actually haven't worn this since. I'm considering selling it.

Has anyone tried this lipstick?
If so.. what do you think of it? Would you repurchase it?
Do you wear it with any other lipsticks/ lipglosses or other mediums??
I'm really interested because I love recommendations! There's sooo many different combos and it would be great to mix and match =D

Hope you all enjoyed reading my first proper beauty post :) wooo


  1. It looks so pretty on you, but I dont really like cool tones pink lippies :S

    You have to try Cherish, Angel or Jubliee from Mac though :)

  2. thank u.. i don't like how it turns out in camera though!

    i really want to try them.. i havent heard of cherish before.. so i'll probably look at swatches .. oh and because of you.. i bought the victoria jackson stuff (like ages ago) and i love them <3 i even bought it for my mum..thanks =D

  3. wow that lipstick looks pretty on you! such a nice colour have to check out next time :)

  4. thank u =D don't forget to try it on in the store and check it out in natural sunlight.. it's a hit n miss colour!

  5. i love this lipstick with Snob <3

  6. It's so pretty like barbie pink!


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